The Story of the One

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Almost every epic tale tells of a prophecy.  A young hero who will rise up, fulfill her destiny, and save the day.  This hero follows a typical pattern.  At first, she is resistant and doesn’t accept the fact she is the chosen one.  Then she feels fear.  She’s scared of the responsibility and the duties that have been imparted on her.  Eventually, through an act of valor, she steps into her role and realizes her destiny.  While real life may lack details like castles or dragons, stories like this ring true and occur all the time in everyday life.

Your Life is Your Story

Stories have such an impact on people because they recreate emotions felt over a lifetime.  Your life is unique.  Everyone’s got a story and they’re in the middle of living it.  You’re introduced to the world.  You grow up and change your perspective.  You face challenges and start to shape your destiny.  You may become resistant to the role you’re perceived to play.  You may start to hesitate or even reject success because of fear of responsibility.

You’re the Author

You’re writing the book of your life.  Like a lot of authors, you’re not sure of where the story is headed even though ultimately you’re in charge.  Realize that although you’ll face circumstances that are out of your control, you make the decisions about which roads to take.  You decide what direction the story is going to take.

You’re Also the Hero

Not only are you writing the tale of your life, you’re living it directly.  As the hero of your story, you experience and feel the results of your decisions.  It may seem like a conflict to be both on the outside and the inside of your experiences.  In fact, you can use this dual perception to approach challenges from different directions.  View your own life from multiple angles and you’ll be able to consider multiple solutions.


It can feel silly sometimes telling yourself to stay positive, to keep going forward.  Don’t stop.  Affirmations not only build confidence and desire from the inside, they project an appearance to the outside.  Sometimes it’s necessary to remind yourself that you are in fact in the driver’s seat.  You have the capabilities to achieve.  At the same time, you have the responsibility to admit mistakes.

Take Control

Live life by the terms you’ve set for yourself.  Don’t back down in the face of adversity or peer pressure.  Once you’ve realized that you are solely responsible for your actions and your life’s story, step up and take control.  Stand up for your beliefs and have confidence in your decisions.  Even if something goes awry, you’ll have the maturity to admit an error and better yourself because of it.

Don’t Forget to Trust

You’ve taken your life into your own hands and actively work to shape your destiny.  It can be easy to go it alone at this point, confident that only you can get the job done.  Don’t miss out on letting yourself learn to trust and giving others the opportunities to trust you.  Though we’re all writing and starring in our own stories, we’re still all in the same bookstore.

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