The stresses of maintaining a blog

Recently, I have noticed how much pressure I have put on myself to write consistently (summarised by my last post). This increased stress has led me to doubt my blogging abilities and whether I should really continue with blogging.

I asked a few people about this, including some people on www.youngentrepreneur.com/forum, who asked me the reason why I started blogging in the first place. This got me thinking, however in all truth, I responded that I really wanted to make money, like all the other Problogger’s out there. This would prove to be my first weakness.

However the most helpful answer came from Matt who runs a blog at www.mandladventures.com. He gave me some very important advice, which I previously did not consider. He told me not to worry over trying to frequently write articles to impress my readers. “Going with the flow” would be a good way to describe it, but also that I should not feel that I have to keep up to date with the site everyday. Thinking about this now, Yaro Starak at www.entrepreneurs-journey.com only posts every couple of days and yet he still has a readership of 1300!

However, when I read Matt’s email, his enthusiasm for the internet really struck me, and some more ideas popped into my head about possible future ventures. I won’t go there now anyway.

To summarise from this rollercoaster of emotions and feelings today, I would say to all you bloggers out there not to feel intimidated into writing to maintain a readership. If you continue to post quality content whenever a great idea comes to mind, then you will never hit a “dry patch” and run out of things to say, like I have started to encounter now.

So the future of Blogtrepreneur? Well as promised I will be continuing with my www.blogtrepreneur.com startup in a few weeks time, but I won’t feel so obliged to post every day. But when I do post, you can be sure that it will be only the best content that I will provide my readers with. Thanks again to Matt and everyone at Young Entrepreneur Forums and elsewhere for your inspiration and advice.
Blogtrepreneur strives on!

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