Top 100 Mompreneur Bloggers to Follow in 2013

Top 100 Mompreneur Bloggers to Follow in 2013

Mompreneurs are women that have a family while simultaneously starting up and running their own business!

We’ve compiled a list of the top 100 hardworking mom bloggers that you should be following in 2013:

1. Lisa Hanson

Founder of mompreneurmogul.com, Lisa Hanson utilizes her blog to mentor other women on how to make money with their own blogs and business ventures. She currently has 4,812 likes on Facebook and 6,450 followers on Twitter.


2. Lucinda Cross

Linda Cross founded CorporateMomDropouts.com to aid stay at home Moms in their endeavors to make money without sacrificing spending time with their loved ones. She currently has 1,034 likes on Facebook and 2,294 followers on Twitter.


3. Dr. Heather Manley

Dr. Heather Manley is a Naturopathic doctor, as well as the author of the children’s book series, “Human Body Detectives”. Manley currently has 7,163 followers on Twitter and 5,840 likes on Facebook.


4. Sandra Huber

Sandra Huber started up TheSoulfulParent.com to help women like her: mothers with no direction and in need of help with parenting endeavors. Huber currently has 1,088 likes on Facebook and 8,567 followers on Twitter.


5. Ashleigh Towers

After trying a slew of “get rich quick schemes” for years on end, Ashleigh Towers finally found her saving grace in 2010 when she kicked AshleighTowers.com into gear. Towers currently has 90 followers on Twitter, and 159 likes on Facebook.


6. Lisa Druxman

Lisa Druxman is a nationally renowned author, speaker, and expert fitness consultant. She currently has 14,815 likes on Facebook and 2,166 followers on Twitter.


7. Cydney Smith

Cydney Smith is the founder of Mompreneurwellness.com, a website dedicated to inspiring and healthy eating advice for up and coming mompreneurs. Smith currently has 599 likes on Facebook and 2,788 followers on Twitter.


8. Lourdes Balepogi

Lourdes Balepogi, or “Luly B” as she likes to be called, is a mentor and speaking coach for momprenurs looking to make it out on their own. Balepogi currently has 260 likes on Facebook and 1,247 followers on Twitter.


9. Sonji Cosby

A woman who is passionate about bringing families closer together, Sonji Cosby created SuccessWithSonji.com to do just that, offering help and insight to reduce stress and increase happiness, as well as income. Cosby currently has 817 likes on Facebook and 620 Followers on Twitter.


10. Charlotte Siems

12 kids and 25 years of being out of shape, Charlotte Siem needed a change in her life. She found it through the T-Tapp program, and has since moved on to be one of the most prominent T-Tapp trainers, helping others who are, or were in her shoes. Currently Siems has 1,934 likes on Facebook and 3,832 followers on Twitter.


11. Lara Galloway

Lara Galloway is the founder of MomBizCoach.com, and the cofounder of MomBiz.com, MomBizAcademy.com, and MomBizRetreat.com, all sites dedicated to helping other mompreneurs looking to make it in the business world. She currently has 971 likes on Facebook and 23,039 followers on Twitter.


12. Sari Crevin

As explained by Sari Crevin herself, a “booginhead” is a term for when someone does something they shouldn’t, but do it anyways and make you laugh. Thus the ideas for anti-booginhead products were born to help booginhead-proof your life. Crevin currently has 2,406 likes on Facebook and 1,144 followers on Twitter.


13. Michele Chatburn

Social media can be a big hurdle to overcome for many business owners. Michele Chatburn’s SocialMediaTeamwork.com helps teach and manage social media outlets for their clients. Michele Chatburn currently has 25 likes on Facebook and 2,349 followers on Twitter.


14. Monaica Ledell

Monaica Ledell has a background in psychology, leadership, planning, and is even a published author. MommyBreadWinner.com is a site she built from the ground up for people in need of strategic growth consulting and online marketing advice. Ledell currently has 294 likes on Facebook and 2,535 followers on Twitter.


15. Sonja Solaro

Sonja Solaro has enjoyed tons of success throughout her career, and through her site, SonjaSolaro.com, seeks to help you achieve the same success. Solaro currently has 1,492 likes on Facebook and 2,284 followers on Twitter.


16. Tracey Stolarchuk

Tracey Stolarchuk is the founder of Birth Source Inc., a store for childbirth, breastfeeding, and pregnancy products. Stolarchuk currently has 2,741 likes on Facebook and 1,009 followers on Twitter.


17. Emilie Shoop

Emilie Shoop started Shooptc.com as an inspiration for emerging leaders and those already in a leadership position. Emilie Shoop currently has 840 likes on Facebook and 1,789 followers on Twitter.


18. Debra Woog

Debra Woog is a career coach who focuses on all aspects of success, from the workplace to your own personal life. Woog has plenty of training material and inspirational posts to help you lead the life you want and reach your goals. Woog currently has 643 likes on Facebook and 576 followers on Twitter.


19. Candace Alper

Candace Alper has always enjoyed working and reaching out with children, which led her to create Name Your Tune, personalized music for children. Alper currently has 2,594 likes on Facebook and 4,995 followers on Twitter.


20. Debbie Glickman

Debbie Glickman is the founder of Fairy Tale Wishes Inc., a company that produces aromatherapy products specifically for kids. Debbie Glickman currently has 399 likes on Facebook and 1,178 followers on Twitter.


21. Robin Imholte

After a successful run in marketing, media sales, and advertising, Robin Imholte started up her own company, Thrive, and subsequently MillionDollarMompreneur.com. Imholte currently has 147 likes on Facebook and 1,111 followers on Twitter.


22. Sandy Abrams

YourIdeaInc.com, created by Sandy Abrams, has created a comprehensive step-by-step program to help anyone turn their business ideas into a reality. Abrams currently has 1,439 likes on Facebook and 12,012 followers on Twitter.


23. Michelle Buelow

BellaTunno.com is the product of hard work and dedication from the founder Michelle Buelow. Bella Tunno mixes fashion, function, and philanthropy in all of their baby products. Buelow currently has 4,993 likes on Facebook and 986 followers on Twitter.


24. Beth Aldrich

After a bad car accident, Beth Aldrich had a lot to ponder about after feeling she lost everything. Upon thinking about the smaller things in life, she found the answers she needed. The product: MomsLoveToEat.com, a guide to healthier living and happiness for Moms all over. Beth Aldrich currently has 2,044 likes on Facebook and 5,086 followers on Twitter.


25. Erica Diamond

Erica Diamond, named one of the top 20 women in Canada, is a TV personality, author, speaker, and the creator of WomenOnTheFence.com, a self-help blog aimed specifically at women going through rough times. Diamond currently has 3,130 likes on Facebook and 19,796 followers on Twitter.


26. Heather Schuck

Heather Schuck is the founder of Glamajama, one of the nation’s leading children’s clothing brands, as well as the blog Glamalife.com which Shuck regularly updates with inspirational and motivational material. Schuck currently has 2,717 likes on Facebook and 35,202 followers on Twitter.


27. Noelle Abarelli

Equipped with a passion for helping others and a practical, realistic approach, Noelle Abarelli founded SmartMompreneur.com, as well as her book “The Smart Mompreneur: A Step-By-Step Guide to Converting A Skill into a Lucrative and Flexible Business”. She currently has 117 followers on Twitter.


28. Morgen Matheson

Morgen Matheson is the creator of BeSpokeCreative.ca as well as a professional designer. She currently has 350 followers on Twitter.


29. Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith is one of the co-founders of MomIncorporated.com. Smith is an accomplished speaker and video correspondent. Danielle Smith currently has 996 likes on Facebook and 762 followers on Twitter.


30. Aliza Sherman

Aliza Sherman is the other co-founder of MomIncorporated.com. Sherman is an accomplished speaker as well, and a published author of 9 books. Again, their business has 996 likes on Facebook and 762 followers on Twitter.


31. Julie Cole

Everyone knows that kids lose things, it’s a fact of life. Julie Cole has found the answer through Mabel’s Labels, labels for kids that are microwave and dishwasher safe, as well as waterproof. Cole currently has 61,254 likes on Facebook and 22,390 followers on Twitter.


32. Debbie Wiener

Debbie Wiener is the co-founder of Designing Solutions, providing slobproof and pet-friendly interior design ideas and services. Wiener currently has 929 likes on Facebook and 3,345 followers on Twitter.


33. Amy Hauer

Amy Hauer is a home business expert, and the founder of AmyHauer.com. AmyHauer.com is a place to go for all of your home business, personal, and family inspirational needs. Hauer currently has 22 followers on Facebook and 238 followers on Twitter.


34. Deb Baxter

Deb Baxter is the founder of Dash of Brilliance, a blog dedicated to health and beauty through use of essential oils and DIY regimens. Deb Baxter currently has 58 likes on Facebook and 101 followers on Twitter.


35. Nicole Nicolay

Nicole Nicolay is the founder of AgentEvolution.com, a high-end wordpress.com theme design firm for real estate. Nicolay has 3,468 likes on Facebook and 19,512 followers on Twitter.


36. Jenn Colgan

Jenn Colgan is the founder of Katie’s Charms. Colgan makes and sells all of her own jewelery through the site, as well as maintains her personal blog, katiescharmsblog.com. Colgan currently has 11,666 likes on Facebook and 8,184 followers on Twitter.


37. Raquel Soto

Raquel Soto is the founder of RaquelSoto.net, an inspirational spiritual based blog. Raquel currently has 744 likes on Facebook and 4,656 followers on Twitter.


38. Irish Carter

Irish Carter is the founder of Dedicated2Life.com, a blog that focuses on positive and passionate individuals who have words of wisdom for those who need it. Carter currently has 429 likes on Facebook and 5,457 followers on Twitter.


39. Nancy Travers

Nancy Travers is the co-founder of Barefoot Books, a company that creates children’s books, children’s music, and other products to help your child expand their imagination while teaching them important moral and cultural values. Travers currently has 18,580 likes on Facebook and 10,942 followers on Twitter.


40. Renae Christine

Renae Christine is the founder of RichMomBusiness.com, an inspirational and educational blog aimed towards work at home moms. Christine currently has 3,134 likes on Facebook and 478 followers on Twitter.


41. Lisa Jacobs

An expert on spirituality and small business, Lisa Jacobs created MarketYourCreativity.com to aid others in those same ventures, providing plenty of tips and advice for up and coming work at home Moms. Lisa Jacobs currently has 426 likes on Facebook and 3,453 followers on Facebook.


42.Beatriz Castillo

Beatriz Castillo has worked her way to being one of the top mompreneurs on the list, having now launched her company It Works! on a global scale. It works! is a line of beauty products to help look great and feel great. Castillo currently has 90,700 likes on Facebook and 6,968 followers on Twitter.


43. Stacia Loo

Stacia Loo is the founder of TheMillionairessInTraining.com, a blog focused on self-improvement, marketing, and motivation for women. Stacia Loo currently has 278 likes on Facebook and 1,726 followers on Twitter.


44. Tamara Monosoff

Mominvented.com is a place for fellow mompreneurs to come together and share information and advice, founded and run by Tamara Monosoff. Monosoff currently has 3,097 likes on Facebook and 7,292 followers on Twitter.


45. Andi Aizer

Andi Aizer is the creator of L’il Monkeys, a company that makes personalized blankets for babies, adults, and even pets. Andi Aizer currently has 232 likes on Facebook and 1,640 followers on Twitter.


46. Frances Leary

Frances Leary created WiredFlare.com in order to aid those in need of Internet marketing help, through the use of SEO and other strategies. Leary currently has 259 likes on Facebook and 741 followers on Twitter.


47. LaShawne Holland

LaShawne Holland has dubbed herself a “Financial Architect”, and has done just that through her inspirational, straightforward approach to making money. Holland currently has 847 likes on Facebook and 930 followers on Twitter.


48. Denisse Marie

Denisse Marie, the founder of DenisseMarie.com, is an expert in social media marketing and business management, with her website providing tools for both. Marie currently has 157 likes on Facebook and 797 followers on Twitter.


49. Julie Parrish

Julie Parrish is the founder of HotCouponWorld.com, a site that offers daily deals and coupons for a wide array of items. Parrish currently has 29,892 likes on Facebook and 4,275 followers on Twitter.


50. Payson Cooper

Payson Cooper is one of the lead marketing strategists out there right now. She is the founder of PaysonCooper.com, a blog she regularly updates with tips and insight to help you make a lot of money without a lot of effort. She currently has 154 likes on Facebook and 64,257 followers on Twitter.


51. Holly Hanna

Holly Hanna is the founder and brains behind The Work at Home Woman, an all over business resource for women, specifically Mothers seeking to employment out of their own home. Hanna has 8,064 likes on Facebook and 12,645 followers on Twitter.


52. Charmin Calamaris

Charmin Calamaris is the founder, publisher, and editorial director for the Momiverse, an online lifestyle magazine. Calamaris currently has 1,032 likes on Facebook and 8,416 followers on Twitter.


53. Jackie Lee

Jackie Lee is the founder of ItsAWahmLife.com, a blog full of inspirational posts and tips directed towards work at home moms. Jackie Lee currently has 842 Facebook likes and 4,586 followers on Twitter.


54. Nickie Knight

HipMomsGoGreen.com is an online magazine headed up by Nickie Knight that teaches people all different aspects about “green living”. Knight currently has 10,536 likes on Facebook and 14,282 followers on Twitter.


55. Kareen Aristide

Kareen Aristide is the founder of ConvergencePlus, a company that helps men and women from all walks of life find themselves both in the personal and business world. Aristide currently has 56 likes on Facebook and 215 followers on Twitter.


56. Toni Bloomfield

Toni Bloomfield is the creator of SeedMommy.com, an online resource center for work at home Mothers who need some help getting their business off of the ground. Toni Bloomfield currently has 2,847 likes on Facebook and 6,122 followers on Twitter.


57. Lynette Mattke

Lynette Mattke is the founder of PicPocketBooks.com and the PicPocketBooks app for smartphones, a mobile reader for children’s books. Mattke currently has 1,674 likes on Facebook and 3,651 followers on Twitter.


58. Cielo Cloud

Cielo Cloud is the founder and CEO of Virtual Outsource Concept, where she offers a variety of services ranging from graphic design to virtual assistant training. Currently, Cielo Cloud has 588 likes on Facebook and 948 followers on Twitter.


59. Dr. Stacia Pierce

Stacia Pierce is the founder of LifeCoach2Women.com, and the mastermind of the Women’s Success Conference, an annual conference that Pierce hosts. Pierce currently has 39,762 likes on Facebook and 36, 980 followers on Twitter.


60. Brandy Hotz

Brandy Hotz is the founder of BrandyHotz.com, a site that offers a free 1-week success program that will help free up your time for your family and reduce your stress level quite a bit. Brandy Hotz currently has 315 likes on Facebook and 1,058 followers on Twitter.


61. Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson is the founder of StartUpPrincess.com, an international network for female entrepreneurs that offers meaningful and educational posts to help them in their success. Anderson currently has 5,177 likes on Facebook and 219,486 followers on Facebook.


62. Julie Pickens

Julie Pickens is the founder and CEO of Boogie Wipes, as well as TheBusinessofBeingaMom.com. Boogie Wipes are the first saline nose wipes for kids, and The Business of Being a Mom is a blog full of resources and advice for Mothers. Julie Pickens currently has 40, 596 likes on Facebook and 8,522 followers on Twitter.


63. Pamela Slim

Pamela Slim is an accomplished coach and writer, and is the founder of Escape From Cubicle Nation, one of the top blogs for careers and marketing. Pamela Slim currently has 1,284 likes on Facebook and 33,378 followers on Twitter.


64. Theresa Ceniccola

Theresa Ceniccola is the founder of TheresaCeniccola.com, and the organizer of the International Christian Mompreneur Network, a place for Moms who want to build their business based around their faith and family. Currently, Theresa Ceniccola has 680 likes on Facebook and 1,666 followers on Twitter.


65. Kate Redwine

Kate Redwine is a #1 best selling author and a marketing and mindset mentor, aiding entrepreneurs remove obstacles and find success. Currently, Redwine has 1,341 likes on Facebook and 1,065 followers on Twitter.


66. Alissa Circle

Alissa Circle is a blogger and founder of RagsToStitchesBlog.com, a blog covering an array of different subjects that help teach us to relax and appreciate the small things in life. Currently, Circle has 4,435 likes on Facebook and 3,186 followers on Twitter.


67. Britt Michaelian

WorkSmartMompreneurs.com is a blog founded by Britt Michaelian. The blog contains useful information and advice to help get your business started right. Michaelian currently has 2,822 likes on Facebook and 94,082 followers on Twitter.


68. Prerna Malik

Prerna Malik is the founder of TheMomWrites.com, a strategy-based blog aimed at work at home Mother’s looking to make money through writing. Currently, Malik has 1,403 likes on Facebook and 4,410 followers on Twitter.


69. Tiffany Romero

Tiffany Romero is one of the co-founders of The Sits Girls, a blog that helps other up and coming bloggers get the recognition they need. Currently, Romero has 28,617 likes on Facebook and 21,584 followers on Twitter.


70. Francesca Banducci

Francesca Banducci is the other co-founder of The Sits Girls. Banducci has received multiple awards throughout her blogging career. Again, the business has 28,617 likes on Facebook and 21,584 followers on Twitter.


71. JoDitt Williams

JoDitt Williams is the artist, designer, and founder of Joyful Heart Design. Joyful Heart Design is a one-stop shop for all of your personalized and custom stationery and invitation needs. Currently, Williams has 481 likes on Facebook and 1,644 followers on Twitter.


72. Felicia Pratt

Felicia Pratt is the founder of fpeservicesonline.com, a professional website design company. Currently Pratt has 391 likes on Facebook and 1,341 followers on Twitter.


73. Melissa Dery

Having worked in a business setting for majority of her career, Melissa Dery set out to be her own boss and started up TheGoldenRuleVa.com, where she offers administrative consulting services. Currently, Dery has 746 likes on Facebook and 2,938 followers on Twitter.


74. Melia Lore

Melia Lore is the founder of MojoWriting.com, a company that helps businesses establish a reputable presence online, as well as aid in the devolpment of websites. Lore currently has 82 likes on Facebook and 1,071 followers on Twitter.


75. Carissa Brown

Carissa Brown is the founder of CarissaRose.com, a designer brand of women’s clothing. Currently, Brown has 5,065 likes on Facebook and 344 followers on Twitter.


76. Rachel Johnsen

Rachel Johnsen is the founder of SpringAheadToday.com, a business and marketing strategy blog. Currently, Johnsen has 324 likes on Facebook and 3,270 followers on Twitter.


77. Joanne Bamberger

Joanne Bamberger is the founder of PunditMom.com and the author of “Mothers of Intention: How Women & Social Media Are Revolutionizing Politics in America”. Currently, Bamberger has 290 followers on Facebook and 11,347 followers on Twitter.


78. Patty Lennon

Patty Lennon is a life coach, bringing her services to the public through her website, MomGetsALife.com. Currently, Patty Lennon has 688 likes on Facebook and 2,763 followers on Twitter.


79. Jill Salzman

Jill Salzman is an established entrepreneur, with her third venture being FoundingMoms.com, a blog to help entrepreneurs kickstart their businesses. Currently Salzman has 2,236 likes on Facebook and 5,639 followers on Twitter.


80. Marla Murasko

Marla Murasko is the founder of SpecialMompreneurs.com, a blog specifically tailored to Mothers of special needs children. Currently, Murasko has 720 likes on Facebook and 984 followers on Twitter.


81. Jamie Brown & Jordan Nikoloff

Jamie Brown and Jordan Nikoloff are a Mother and Daughter team who founded the National Association of Mothers & Daughters in business. The purpose of the organization is to aid Mother and Daughter teams to become successful business partners and help their businesses take off. Currently they have 60 likes on Facebook.


82. Maria Locker

Maria Locker is the founder of TheMompreneur.com, a blog focused on supporting, educating, and empowering Mothers in business. Currently, Locker has 5,526 likes on Facebook and 2,303 followers on Twitter.


83. Allison Irish

Allison Irish is a blogger and work at home Mom, as well as the founder of RamblingsOfAWahm.com, which is a perfect blend of the two. Currently, Irish has 505 likes on Facebook and 963 followers on Facebook.


84. Dori DeCarlo

Dori DeCarlo is the founder of Word of Mom Radio, a blog talk radio show focused on mompreneurs. Currently, DeCarlo has 446 likes on Facebook and 615 followers on Twitter.


85. Carol Evans

Carol Evans is the founder of WorkingMother.com, an online magazine that covers a variety of topics for the home and the workplace. Currently, Evans has 19,483 likes on Facebook and 24,068 followers on Twitter.


86. Hannah Keeley

Hannah Keeley was previously a behavior therapist, but is now a life coach, using her previous experience to aid Moms in all aspects of their lives. Currently Hannah Keeley has 2,272 likes on Facebook and 5,608 followers on Twitter.


87. Andreea Ayers

Andreaa is the founder of Launch Grow Joy, a website to help entrepreneurs market their products effectively. She has 2,936 Facebook likes and 2,857 Twitter followers.


88. Latham Thomas

Latham is the founder of Mama Glow, a website hub dedicated to mothers-to-be and their personal journey through pregnancy. She has 1,760 Facebook likes and 1,028 Twitter followers.


89. Michelle Pearson

Michelle is the creator of The Picture of Health, a blog that focuses on improving your body, mind, and spirit. She has 1,540 Twitter followers and 993 Facebook likes.


90. Carol O’Brien

Carol O’Brien is the founder of Cleanicity and MompreneurSteps.wordpress.com. Cleanicity is a company that creates innovative products to help keep you organized, while the latter is O’Brien’s personal blog, providing inspirational posts for the everyday Mompreneur.


91. Melanie Kissell

Melanie is a single mother of 4 and the self-named Solo Mompreneur. She helps other small businesses improve their blog. Melanie has 425 Facebook likes and 4,576 Twitter followers.


92. Mila Sidman

Mila Sidman is the founder of InternetBasedMoms.com, a knowledge and resource center for work at home Moms.


93. Jill Smokler

Jill is the creator of Scary Mommy, a blog and online community for parents, inspired by her own struggles raising her 3 children. She has 76,889 Facebook likes and 290,453 Twitter followers.


94. Alice Bradley

Alice is the author of the popular book, Let’s Panic About Babies. She has personal blog on her own journey through parenthood. Alice has 61,199 Twitter followers.


95. Angelique Rewers

Angelique owns The Corporate Agent. This company strives to help entrepreneurs drastically improve their income by working with Corporate America. She has 14,708 Facebook likes and 3,301 Twitter followers.


96. Kerry Sauriol

Kerry is the founder of a website called Crunch Carpets, dedicated to helping parents of tweens and teenagers. Kerry has 172 Facebook likes and 3,805 Twitter followers..


97. Jenny Ford

Jenny is the founder of Monkey-Toes, an animal and insect themed shoe line for children. She also founded Sugar Loco. Jenny has 1,055 Facebook likes and 5,018 Twitter followers.


98. Fabienne Fredrickson

Fabienne is a mom that teaches entrepreneurs how to get more clients, make more money and multiply their business. She has 40,282 Facebook likes and 84,551 Twitter followers.


99. Jennifer Gniadecki

Jennifer Gniadecki is the founder of BeyondMom.com, a blog with an assortment of topics and posts all based around work at home moms. Currently Gniadecki has 29 followers on Facebook and 5,700 followers on Twitter.


100. Amanda Marie

Amanda Marie is the founder of The Mompreneur HotSpot. She focuses on networking, personal development & health. Amanda currently has 3,989 Facebook likes and 15,696 followers on Twitter.



Matthew Toren

Matthew Toren is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, investor and co-founder of YoungEntrepreneur.com. He is co-author, with his brother Adam, of Kidpreneurs.org, BizWarriors.com and Small Business, BIG Vision: Lessons on How to Dominate Your Market from Self-Made Entrepreneurs Who Did it Right (Wiley).

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