The Top 5 Best Cities For Possibility


Every year there’s a list of cities that have been researched to be the best of some category. There are the “most livable,” cities and the “happiest,” the “Best for VC Capital” and more, but can you put a measure on the cities with the most possibility?

According to GOOD Magazine, you can. In their Winter 2013 Edition, the folks at GOOD created what they call the “Good City Index” which they believe comprehensively, if inexactly, measures the spirit of possibility in cities across the globe. It’s a fascinating idea that, according to their editors, they approached by, “weighing factors like civic engagement, transportation, green space, diversity, and work/life balance.” As the feature story admits, these cities are not perfect by any means, but GOOD feels they’re, “deep into the process of creating what makes a city truly good.”

Since entrepreneurs must consistently dwell in the spirit of possibility, there may be something to be said for living and doing business there as well. Here are five of GOOD Magazine’s top twenty cities of possibility and why they ranked so high on the “Good City Index.”

1. Mexico City, Mexico

Thanks to progressive political movements that are ushering in some much needed social reform, Mexico City is on the up and up. Contributing factors to this improvement are a new equalibrium in immigration (the same number of Mexicans are moving north to the U.S. as to Mexico City), steadily improving and frequently used public transportation and lots of green-space like the Bosque de Chapultepec, a 1,695 acre city park. For entrepreneurs, Mexico City has great business advantages as well, like favorable cost considerations, a growing middle class with more disposable income and fewer barriers to entry than many other global cities.

2. Singapore

This stand-alone city nation has the highest contration of billionaires on the planet, attracting business, expats and entrepreneurs alike. With great public transportation, extensive public parks, botanic gardens and an incredible mixing pot of nationalities as residents, Singapore is a young nation with a business driven core. Just make sure you don’t spit out your chewing gum. That rule still stands.


3. Budapest, Hungary

With a thriving expat community and a celebration of national culture, Budapest is an old city working to create a new future. The youth of Budapest appear to want to move on from the many troubles and regimes of its past. The city split by a river is united in good public transport, an emerging arts scene and a more eco-conscious culture. There’s also great nightlife and a wide variety of cuisine that could tempt any entrepreneur to explore the possibilities of Budapest.


4. Nairobi, Kenya

At first glance Nairobi may seem like an odd choice for “possibility” as the crime here is almost as bad as the traffic and poverty. However, it’s a city that is starting to boom and address some of its problems. An influx of tech related companies and social entrepreneurs over the last several years, has meant a catalyst for new growth around the city in the form of building projects and roads. While it has a long way to go in order to address issues like its overwhelming poverty, Nairobi seems to be started down a path to becoming a good city.


5. Seoul, Korea

An ancient city with a work hard culture, Seoul also has an emerging spirit of fun and inclusivity. There’s more to this city than “Gangnam Style.” Seoul has great public transport options and an incredibly detailed (and maintained) recycling program upheld by its residents. It’s safe and with such a dense population packed into the city, there is plenty to do outside too. Public drinking is legal, food options abound and there’s an increasingly welcoming attitude toward foreign nationals that make Seoul a great city of possibility.



Want to know the rest? The remaining cities on GOOD’s top twenty list are: 6. Johannesburg, South Africa 7. Istanbul, Turkey 8. New Orleans, U.S.A. 9. Beirut, Lebanon 10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 11. Buenos Aires, Argentina 12. Montreal, Canada 13. Paris, France 14. Perth, Australia, 15. Tel Aviv, Israel, 16. Santiago, Chile 17. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 18. Accra, Ghana 19. Atlanta, U.S.A. 20. Wellington, New Zealand.