This Spam Is Getting Ridiculous!

A few weeks back, I had a poll on the amount of Spam Emails you get as an entrepreneur with different sites and blogs up and running. At the time, I reported that I received between 0-10 emails only per day, and that was really at the lower end of the spectrum.

Recently, I’ve been getting more and more spam comments on my blog, averaging at around 20-30 per day. This is getting ridiculous. The reason why you havn’t been seeing them is because I have stringent moderating procedures in place. I don’t know what I’d do without Akismet. It stops my inbox getting clogged up with fake comments. Also on a sidenote if your comment doesn’t get approved and is caught by the spam filter, just email me or I’ll try and find your comment.

Anyway, as I’ve been ignoring the comments and not allowing them on the site, this may help the situation, as spammers will be noticing that they are wasting their time. If you’re reading this spambot – just realise that you’re not going to get through, so stop trying to access my comments. Can anything be done about this growing problem. I’ve known some people to turn off their comments altogether. Heck – even Darren Rowse recently had to turn his off for the night due to so many dodgy comments being let through his system.

What is the internet coming to and how can we stop these people jamming up servers and using up bandwidth. Anyone else experiencing growing spam levels? Sorry to keep ranting on – but its doing my head in!

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