The Road To Success – Now RePaved!

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A young child makes his way home through a dense forest.  He’s keeping close to the trail when he notices some unusual bushes off to the side.  Peeking through the shrubs, he realizes that if he could walk directly through them, he would be headed in a direct line home.  Wielding his trusty pocketknife, he begins to cut away at the growth.  With the first small trees out of the way, the young boy is dismayed to see even denser vegetation behind them.  He doesn’t give up.  He hacks and slashes and begins to make his own trail.  Eventually, he’s cut right through the thick forest and arrives home in time for a pot roast.  Later, when other children are hiking through the forest, they see his home made trail, look at it in admiration, and step onto it.

Travelers from the Past

When you set out on your journey toward success, you’ll soon realize that many have traveled a path similar to yours long before you.  It’s only natural to look to successful people for examples on how to proceed.  It’s definitely true that by paying attention, you can learn from the triumphs and mistakes of those before you.  Still, don’t be afraid to make your own mistakes.  And if another avenue toward accomplishment becomes apparent, always consider taking…

The Road Less Traveled

When you’re playing the board game Risk, there are many strategies you can employ to take over the world.  You can start quickly, amassing every territory you can, and intimidating other players to retreat before your eyes.  You may be rewarded with a victory.  On the other hand, you can bide your time, build up your resources, let the other players battle one another, and wait for the perfect opportunity.  The point is not to compare business to a war strategy game but to illustrate the idea that there are multiple roads to victory.  Consider taking the road less traveled on your journey toward success.  If you really want to shake things up, you can always grab your pocketknife and…

Blaze a Trail

Maybe you have an entirely new way to go about things.  Maybe you have a revolutionary idea, the means to implement it, and the confidence to follow through.  Go off the beaten path and blaze your own trail.  Cut through the growth in the forest and march along a path that you create.  Not only will you gain the personal fulfillment of doing things your own way, you’ll have an advantage over everyone else that is following the same boring roadmap.  Set an example for others by changing the game.  Become the person that everyone looks to for example.

Be Open to Adventure

Going your own way is exciting but can also be overwhelming.  You don’t have easy answers available if you make a mistake.  You may not even know if you’ve made a mistake.  Keep your ears and eyes open and keep a keen sense of adventure.  If you’re a natural trailblazer this should come easy to you.  If you become concerned about the perils of the unknown, remember that only the adventurer who explores the deepest parts of the dungeon is rewarded with the treasure.

Everything Changes

The roads to success are continuously being repaved.  What worked a hundred years ago may no longer be a viable option.  Even last year’s road may be out of date.  Don’t try to follow an outdated path that will lead you astray in an ever-changing environment.

Everything Stays the Same

Even though the world is in a constant state of change, some concepts just don’t go out of style.  Determination, passion, and confidence will always reap huge rewards when it comes to success in business and in life.  Even if you blaze your own trail, you’ll have to pay attention to these qualities to get out of the woods.

Become your own example of success and set your own standards for success and development.  When you look back at the trail you’ve blazed, you can smile at your personal method of accomplishment.

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