Top 10 Online Resources You Can Use to Make Money on Twitter

Top 10 Online Resources You Can Use to Make Money on Twitter

Twitter is a great social media website to build your customer base on and get your brand out there with. Did you know there are ways you can also make money with your Twitter account? If you have a fairly large audience you stand to earn possibly thousands by utilizing the right resources.

If you are unsure of where to start, give these top 10 resources a try.

1. MyLikes

Regardless of how large your audience may be, MyLikes can be a powerful tool whether you are an advertiser or publisher. This website works on a PPC (pay-per-click) basis. You can be paid weekly through PayPal or through Amazon gift cards.

Go to MyLikes Website

2. SponsoredTweets

By specifying a price and what your Twitter page is about, only targeted advertisers who match your account’s subject can respond. You are paid via PayPal once your payout reaches $50. Also, their referral program offers 10% commission on every person you bring to their website.

Go to Sponsored Tweets Website

3. Pay4Tweet

Pay4Tweet is another marketplace in which you make an account specifying your Twitter account details and wait for buyers to contact you. Your price can range anywhere from $1 per tweet all the way to $10,000. Payment is made through PayPal.

Go to Pay4Tweet Website

4. Netflix Affiliate Program

This might seem like an odd resource to list at first. Netflix’s affiliate program allows you to tweet your affiliate link for a free one month trial. In turn, you receive a nice profit for every person who signs up.

Go to Netflix Affiliate Program

5. Amazon Associates

This is another affiliate program that you can earn an excellent profit from. The Amazon Associates program allows you to copy-and-paste a special link for a product you like into a tweet (or any platform). You can earn upwards of 15% of all sales derived from your link.

Go to Amazon Associates Website

6. Ad.ly

Ad.ly is another high-paying advertising network. Similarly to most, you are paid per tweet you post. Ad.ly will send the sponsored tweets to you which you then post. You can accept payment via PayPal or check once you’ve earned a minimum of $50.

Go to Ad.ly Website

7. Zuvvu

Zuvvu can be used with both Twitter and Facebook. They offer PPC ads which generate revenue based on how many times it’s clicked rather than one base fee for the sponsored tweet itself. Zuvvu also works with Adsense. Minimum payout is $20.

Go to Zuvvu Website

8. Adf.ly

Adf.ly is a combination of a URL shortening service and a CPM ad in a sense. They give you a shortened paid URL which generates revenue per thousand clicks. Adf.ly pays up to $4 per thousand impressions. This can really ad up if you have hundreds of thousands of people following you.

Go to Adf.ly Website

9. Wingsplay

If videos are more your thing, try out Wingsplay. This website pays you per sponsored video via PayPal. Wingsplay works with Twitter as well as other popular social media websites.

Go to Wingsplay Website

10. Twtmob

Mobile apps are spreading like wildfire. Combine this huge trend with Twitter and make some extra cash. Twtmob pays an excellent rate and is highly recommended. Payment is made via PayPal once your reach $50.

Go to Twtmob Website

Social media is really a versatile world that offers a lot to its users. Have you ever tried using any of the above tools or do you use your own method?

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