Top 5 Forms Of Website and Blog Monetization for 2008

Top 5

This post is in response to Problogger’s Group Writing Project where you can win $1001 courtesy of Chitika by simply writing a Top 5 post. This time, I wanted to get pretty deep and focus on a topic that’s pretty important to most bloggers and of course to Darren himself…monetization.

If you didn’t know, the act of monetization involves placing advertising on your site in most cases and making from a few bucks to 6 figures in the case of Dazza himself and many other bloggers around the blogosphere. Sure, we’ve all heard of the normal Contextual advertising, Google Adsense and the like. But here are the Top 5 Forms of Monetization that I think will make it big in 2008:

  • 1. Inline Video Ads: We’ve seen the launch of Google’s Video ads, but so far I just havn’t seen them being used widely. I think that in 2008, with the rise of vlogs (video blogs), and rich multimedia content being used (like at YouTube.com), we’re gonna see advertisers jumping at the chance to put their ads alongside videos – and this could prove to be lucrative for those who currently make their own videos.
  • 2. Information Products: Whilst there are loads of PDF files floating aimlessly around the net, I think that more and more people will start to take notice of creating their own information product. Heck, even I contemplated writing a book about Teenage Entrepreneurship but I never really found the time. It’s so easy to do, all you need is Microsoft Word, a Paypal account and an idea for your ebook to take off – and there’s a lot of people willing to spend some big money for a decent read.
  • 3. An Audio Advertising Stream: This is a completely new idea that I’ve not seen implemeted yet, but there are an array of bloggers who have audio files on their site. How about an audio file with a “radio-like” advert from a few sponsors. This can play on a loop and users will have the chance to turn off their speakers or pause the loop? It could prove to be pretty lucrative and if it kicks off – I want a 50% cut!
  • 4. Pay-Per-Action: Again Google is testing something along these lines, whereby clicks don’t equal dollars, but that money can only be earnt if the person clicks on and then makes a purchase – instead here, a much higher rate of commission will be paid. People are becoming more money hungry and so are bound to adopt this method of earning over the traditional EPM and PPC models.
  • 5. Consultation: OK, this one may sound a little far-fetched, but everyone of us does have a skill. Now, supposing we made a blog or website about our skill and then offered consultation and advice to other people as to how to adapt, use and master our particular skill. Many bloggers do this by consulting in artwork, in design, in copywriting and in blogging itself – and its proved costworthy and lucrative for most. Charging by the hour, or by the session could work here – and again all you need is a microphone and a Paypal account to collect the funds.

All in all, 2008 will be a year of progression whereby we’ll build on the monetization methods of the year before. And with the amount of people joining the net and jumping onto the crazy money bandwagon, these forms of making cash online are only going to get more popular and bigger than ever before.

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