Best MS Project Training Providers

For many project managers, Microsoft Project is definitely beneficial. It is designed to assist individuals or companies to assign tasks and resources, develop a plan, manage the budget, track progress and analyze the workload. It is sold by Microsoft and is being used by many companies worldwide. There is a lot of MS Project Training Center that will teach you how to fully implement the program into your workplace.

Here are the top MS Project Training Providers:

  1. New Horizons Computer Learning Center

New Horizons offers Ms Project Training to different parts of the world. They teach lessons in a classroom setting that is conducted by professional trainers. They will teach you the importance of creating a managing a project plan, configuring and managing tasks in a project, managing and understanding resources, integrating data, cost tracking and viewing the project information in different media.

  1. Webucator

If you are looking for Microsoft Project training for a public online class, private group or self paced course, you can contact Webucator. Their courses range from introduction to Microsoft Project training up to the advanced topics for 2010, 2013 and 2016 version. Their prices differ depending on the course that you will take.

  1. Routeget Technologies

Routeget Technologies offers free Youtube videos to help you learn how to manage your projects. They also have other training videos for mobile applications, enterprise project management, etc.

  1. Udemy

The course offered by Udemy costs $147. It includes 63 lectures of 14 hours, lifetime access, 30 days money back guaranteed and certification of completion. They will teach you how to manage timelines and calendars, learn critical paths, resource allocation, leveling, export data using SkyDrive and so much more. This course is perfect for beginners.

  1. SimpliLearn

SimpliLearn is offering Microsoft Project Training online in a group or one on one setting. The syllabus is broken down into small parts to help understand the lessons. Key features of their training are 11 hours of elearning content, 43 demos of using Microsoft Project Tools, an ebook called “Managing Project Effectively-Microsoft Project 2013, 2 Microsoft Project Practice Exams, etc.

  1. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office offers courses for beginner and advanced students. The courses that they offer are resource allocation, creating timeline, integration and addition tasks and how to track the progress. They also have a course for expert users.

  1. Lynda

Bonnie Biafore created the Microsoft Project 2013 Essential Tutorials at Lynda. The course that they offer will teach you work with the project, set up project files, create tasks, time and link tasks, create and assign task to resources, etc. They also offer free trial in case you want to check if this is the right training center for you.

  1. Train Canada

Train Canda’s Microsoft Project Training offers courses to help you manage and learn projects effectively. You can collaborate with stakeholders, keep your projects in check and stay organized after you are finished with the course.

Summing Up

There are a lot of training seminars to help you learn Ms Project. Pick one that will suit your needs and understanding level. There are a lot of companies to choose from. Just be ready to commit to the program and apply it to your work afterwards.