3 Ways To Up Your Web Content And Up Your Game

web content

Great written content is only the bare minimum in today’s online world. You’re going to need more than just great articles to make your website stand out on the crowded web. Deliver real value with great content that’s available through a multitude of mediums.

Here are three content strategies that will take your online game to the next level.


Information presented in a graphically designed, beautiful layout makes for great content that goes viral quickly. It’s appealing to the senses to digest statistics and tips that are organized visually. Like any great content, make sure you’re including a catchy title, well thought out and researched statistics and be certain that all your sources are listed. Also, make sure your research is relevant to an overall theme with takeaways your audience can easily grasp. Not sure where to start on your own? Check out companies like Visual.ly who can help you design a project.


One of the hottest rising trends in online content is motiongraphics: researched content that is presented via animated or live action video. Motiongraphics are a great way to share a short story about your company, an article topic or some high level research through video. Video can help convey a very technical or complicated idea in a more approachable way. Make sure you include proper references for your work and always aim to keep your motiongraphic at two minutes or less. If you don’t have the expertise to make these yourself, check out Toon Mojo, an online powerhouse for creating motiongraphic videos that will help you tell stories through collaboration of your research and their animation expertise.

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Want to be the star of your own web content? Videos and vlogs are a great way to share your brand, yourself and to tell short stories in an engaging conversational way. However, there are some tips to doing video the right way. Script out what you want to say first and practice with colleagues or friends to give your videos a natural feel. Make sure you have an easy way to track time as you record to keep yourself on topic and on time – brief is better! When you record, include a great background and plenty of natural light. You can go it alone using your own laptop or camera if you’re just starting out, then upgrade your equipment later on. Make sure you read up on tips or seek out local experts to help give your video a professional and polished look.




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