What Self Confidence Can Mean to Your Business

Self Confidence in BusinessWhile building a successful business, having to fight your fears is certainly no walk in the park. Those fears might include: the fear of making the wrong decision, fear of success or failure, fear of people following you, fear of people not following you, etc. These will work against you and actually hinder your abilities.  Fearing these things can be a wedge between you and the successful, profitable business that you’re striving to create.  But there is a way to counter your fear! Having a high level of self-confidence will make you a match for any fear or challenge that comes your way!

Here are some ways that your business will benefit when you have self confidence:

You will go above and beyond

How do you attain true success? By having the perseverance to keep plugging along when it would be much easier to simply give up.  The majority of people get about 90% of the way through a mission-critical task before they decide to either finish it or to give up. Sometimes it’s okay to go ahead and call it quits at the 90% mark. If you want to create something extraordinary, though, you can’t ever settle for less. The last 10% is where the magic can really happen!

Hanging on and doing whatever it takes to go above and beyond is what separates the good from the outstanding.

You will do what really matters

Do any of these examples sound remotely familiar?

  • They won’t like it, so I can’t do it.
  • This problem is just too difficult to deal with.
  • They expect me to be a genius.
  • This is how it’s always done, so this is how I need to do it.
  • I’ve got to be as professional as possible.

This is a very small sampling of rules you may have placed on yourself, or may currently be placing on yourself.  Whether these examples apply to you or not, certainly you’ve got a lot of expectations about things you can and can’t do.  Perhaps there are even things that you think you should or shouldn’t do. On top of that, you’ve got expectations of what others can and can’t do, and should and shouldn’t do. Worst and most mind-numbingly confounding of all, you’ve got expectations of what everyone else expects of you!

Being truly successful comes when you engage in the things that matter to you and then take continued, meaningful action. The only way this is possible is if you push aside the set of rules and expectations that actually work against you. Push the rules that don’t make sense to the side.  Make a strict decision to take on something which has personal meaning to you, and is on your own terms.

You will make better contacts and connections

Few would say that meeting people and building relationships is easy.  But, relationships are undoubtedly what build the greatest businesses.  Unless you move past your relationship worries and give yourself room to make sure you’re doing it in ways that work, you and your business will suffer as a result.  You may find yourself pulling back from meeting new people because you’re scared of being judged or rejected. You may even second-guess yourself.

Having natural confidence means that there is no reason to worry about having approval from other people. Beyond common manners and courtesy, don’t fret about how you’re coming across to others. With self confidence, you’re able to naturally connect with others by giving them the very best of yourself.  Not in an arrogant, flashy, obnoxious kind of way, but rather in a way that will honor you, who you are, and your abilities.

You will finally be able to say, ‘No’ to people

We’ve all said “yes” to something because it was so much easier than causing a conflict by saying “no.”  We usually do this in situations when we want to make someone else happy or because we think it is expected of us.  The truth is that there is only so much of you to go around.  Any time you spend on one thing means that it is time you are not spending on something else.  Making truly deliberate and enlightened decisions about how you spend your time is the key. Make your decisions based on your priorities and values rather than letting your insecurities lead you.

You will not be overly focused on success

Naturally, we all want to succeed in whatever we’re pursuing.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t be doing it, right? What if the focus you have on success is actually getting in the way rather than helping you? How do you measure success? It can mean so many different things to different people. If you are certain of what real success means for you, that’s terrific, but you are definitely in the minority.  So many of us choose an idea of success based on things that we’ve patched together from what we’ve read, observed, and thought.

Success can come and go just as easily as failure does. That being said, shouldn’t you base your self-worth on the way you play the game rather than the outcome?  Rather than just chasing after your idea of success, take meaningful action.  When you do this, amazing things can happen. You will dramatically increase the chances of achieving real success in your business ventures.

The bottom line is that once you have the confidence to trust yourself to make decisions, you will no longer need to beat yourself up, retreat, or reinforce negative self-images when something doesn’t go as planned.  You will be ready to make the next decision in a confident way, and be totally okay – no matter what the outcome is!

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