What You Need to Know About Trying CBD Gummies For the First Time

If you’re new to CBD gummies, you’re entering an exiting market with plenty of tasty and potent products to choose from. With so many new providers emerging on the CBD market, your CBD options are pretty much unlimited. That being said, it’s important to choose a company with a good reputation, as you wouldn’t want to soil your first experience with a sub-par product. Trying something new can leave many unanswered questions, so we’ve put together this list of everything you need to know about trying CBD gummies for the first time. Enjoy!

They’re Legal

When we’re discussing the legality of CBD products and gummies, it’s important to note a difference in two varieties: full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. CBD is one of 113 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, and of those 113, THC is also one. THC is a psychoactive substance that causes a “high”, whereas CBD is not psychoactive at all.

Full-spectrum CBD products will contain all of cannabis’ cannabinoids, including the psychoactive substance THC. While many states have legalized THC-based products and even marijuana for recreational or medical use, it’s important to remember that both are still considered illegal at the federal level. Marijuana is classified as a schedule 1 drug, lumped in the same category as drugs like heroin and cocaine.

Broad-spectrum CBD products are entirely legal, provided they don’t contain any THC. For CBD to be considered legal to begin with, the oil must contain 0.3% or less THC. Your broad-spectrum CBD products adhere to these regulations, so you don’t have to worry about acting outside of the law by purchasing them. These are the most common products you’ll find on the CBD market, but it’s important to look at the label anyway to be sure.

They’re Safe

If you suffer from chronic pain or anxiety, there’s a chance you’re taking either OTC medication or even a prescription to help manage your condition; and experiencing the harmful side-effects that accompany many of these drugs. Side-effects can make even the most effective drugs dangerous to use on a regular basis, and we’ve seen an increase in patients becoming dependent on opioid-based medications. This addiction crisis is fueled by a pharmaceutical market that’s saturated with all manner of painkillers, each of which has its own side-effects and potential for addiction.

CBD gummies are a safe alternative to these medications, and many users have reported that even conditions like chronic pain can be managed by taking gummies on a regular basis. This is incredibly promising for people of all conditions and backgrounds, and for the opioid crisis that has become a nationwide problem.

As research continues, we learn more about the best CBD oil benefits and how gummies can help with specific ailments. Companies like Verma Farms produce only the highest-quality CBD gummies, so you can be certain you’re paying for the best experience you can get.

They Don’t Get You High

CBD does not produce psychoactive effects of any kind, so you won’t get “high” from using it. This is actually a common misconception for many people and something that prevents potential users from ever trying CBD gummies. The gummies will help you feel more calm, focused, and reduce pain, but that’s it; you won’t feel euphoric like you do with THC, and it won’t impair your ability to drive, operate machinery, or perform other tasks.

They Might Take Some Time to Kick In

CBD users choose gummies because they take a bit longer to kick in, but since they’re being digested, the effects last much longer than with tinctures, oils, or lotions. You’ll likely have to wait about an hour or more to feel your CBD kick in, but once it does, it should last for a few hours. This means you’ll need fewer doses in a single day, making CBD gummies more efficient overall.

If you’re looking for a great alternative to OTC pain meds, CBD might just be it. Give CBD gummies a try for thirty days to see if you notice a difference in your pain levels and the side effects you’d normally feel with medication.

Quality Does Matter

In a market that’s experienced exponential growth, there are bound to be those companies who are only in it for a quick buck. The fact is, if you’re trying CBD for the first time, you must make sure you’re choosing a high-quality product. If you choose a sub-par provider for your first experience, you probably won’t think much of CBD gummies, as you’ll be missing out on the full experience.

Look for USA-grown organic hemp and a company with an excellent record for customer service and quality CBD products. It’s certainly worth the extra money you’ll spend, and you’ll get the best possible experience.


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