Why Video is the Future of Customer Onboarding Process?

Customer onboarding is the process of welcoming your newly acquired customers to the fold and intimating them of what your company is all about. Every company aspires to build a loyal customer base. Customer onboarding is the first step in that direction.

At its most basic level, it is the completion of the formalities before (or just after) your client starts using your product or services. Customer retention is the Holy Grail of businesses, now more than ever. Apart from the quality of your product or service, it is things like these that help build a lasting relationship with them. Research shows that a successful onboarding pitch can double the trial conversion rate.

The latest in the line of innovative onboarding process is to hire a video production company and create a professional customer onboarding video. It presents itself with a lot of opportunities and advantages over conventional forms of onboarding such as e-mail and phone calls:


  • Make the customer feel valued


A video onboarding process gives you the opportunity to present the human face of your company to your customer. A potential client is much more likely to connect with your brand when he/she sees a video as compared to faceless emails or phone calls. This connection that they immediately make with your company, in turn, makes them feel more valued as a customer.


  • Save time to explain through phone calls or e-mails


Standard onboarding procedures like emails and phone calls are a headache for the person conducting it. The process is, more often than not, a lengthy one with a lot of confusion and explanation. Video onboarding eliminates that completely. You can create a well-crafted video, be it animated or live action, with everything the customer needs to know in as little as two to three minutes.


  • No more annoying long instructions and terms


On the customer’s end, it’s equally counterproductive. Nobody likes to read a lengthy email, and most businesses miss out on a majority of potential customers in this crucial step. A video makes the entire process more straightforward and attractive for the consumer making them likely to stick around.


  • Ability to share the video online and get more brand exposure


Studies show that it takes 5 to 7 brand impressions before a consumer remembers a brand. As such, companies around the world are spending millions of dollars just to get a few seconds of screen space. What better way to do it for a nominal price than create a customer onboarding video that users may share online?


  • Look bigger and more established than you (your company) are


Admit it or not, a professionally made video exudes class. It gives the impression to your customer that you are a well-established brand (how else would you have made such a great video!). Latch onto that impression to create a lasting relationship with them.


  • Helps you show off the product features


Often, it’s hard to communicate the features of a product accurately through emails. You may have to describe a complex trait in a couple of lines, which is neither feasible for you nor enlightening for your customer.  A video can achieve that with relative ease. You get to show off the exact features of your product, and there’s no space for miscommunication. It’s a win-win for everyone.


  • Helps you set expectations correctly


A growing trend shows that customers are either overwhelmed or underwhelmed with a product/service after they have been through the traditional onboarding process. It follows the last point in that since they are not able to grasp the features of your product, they are unclear about what to expect. A video onboarding process eliminates that ambiguity altogether and lets the customer have a clear idea about what they are going to receive.

Everything points towards one direction – video is the future of onboarding, and it is here now! Adopt it before it’s too late.  


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