Why you can’t have a Blog without a Blogtrepreneur!

Okay, weird headline right! But all will be explained later in this post which I have submitted as part of Problogger’s Blogging Goals Group Writing Project.

My initial motives for starting a blog were very, if not, too simple. I saw bloggers such as Yaro Starak and Darren Rowse, and thought, why can’t I make money from Blogging too. And that was it, for a few months while I started my blog, and loaded it up with fresh and inspiring content, I thought only about money and how much I was making every day. Whenever I would come back from school I would check my Adsense….$0…$0.15…$0, I was going nowhere.

I tried to link swap in order to boost my traffic and search engine rankings (which is a must anyway for all blogs who want to be pushed up in search engine results), and submitted some articles to Ezine.com and various Blogging Carnivals. Although my traffic did increase and my Adsense did follow, I was still feeling annoyed that my blog had taken off so slowly.

Then, a few days ago, things suddenly went pear-shaped, I lost my will to write content. If I was making no money I thought, then why bother continuing to write for a petty audience who didn’t even care about me or know who I was. This was a huge mistake. As I posted in various forums asking what I should do, I noticed that there were quite a few people, who were actually following my blog. They told me to avoid the blogging burnout by writing less and by caring less about how my blog runs. The biggest tip they gave me, was to enjoy the networking and the social factor that I was getting out of Blogtrepreneur.

This is where my post title comes in. The reason why I created the word Blogtrepreneur, was to serve as a constant reminder to me that I was trying to create money out of my blogging experience. However, more recently, I hav come to translate Blogtrepreneur as something different. By being a blogtrepreneur, you must care for your community, you must respond to comments on your blogging posts, you should do your best to read other blogs and support them through backlinks and linking, and you should broaden your view to the whole of the blogosphere, and not just your goal to make money.

So, what are my blogging goals for the future? To enjoy working with the people who I share the most things in common with, you fellow Blogtrepreneurs. I will strive to always give something back to the community through my posts, which I hope will help you on your blogging journey. And above all, my goal is to stop basing my entrepreurialism around money, even though in the long run, this will lead to my success. Networking is the key, and one which you must grasp by the handles if you want to succeedwith your goal to be an entrepreneur.

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