Why You Should Buy the Best Darts

There are many kinds of darts available to use in the game of darts. In most cases, the design of the darts will depend on the type of dartboard that you’re using. For instance, if you’re using a bristle dartboard, then you’ll need darts with sharp tips at the ends of them. That way, they can stick into the surface of the board and stay there. But if you’re using an electric dartboard with little plastic holes in it, you need soft-tipped darts with round ends that can fit into the holes.

However, the top darts are often made of high-quality material like steel or aluminum. They will also have comfortable grips for your fingers to press against as you hold the darts. You can usually tell which darts are the best because they will be priced the most. Some dart sets only cost about $15 while others will cost about $60 to $100. This is an easy way to tell how much quality you are getting in your darts.

Now you’re probably rolling your eyes over the idea of spending extra money on awesome darts. But you should seriously consider making this investment because it will be beneficial to you in numerous ways.

Below are the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy the Best Darts

1) More Accuracy

Darts is all about accuracy. As a player, you need to be accurate with your throws if you want to score the proper points on the dartboard. The best darts will ensure that you have the best accuracy possible. Then you can finally hit what you’re aiming at on the board and win at darts every single time. Of course, the darts won’t do all the work for you, but they will make it easier. Just practice the basic stances and throwing techniques of darts and you’ll be great.

2) Longer Lifespan

The best darts last the longest. A lot of the cheaper darts are made of plastic, including the ones which have sharper tips. This would not be acceptable because the barrel and shaft will wear down as you continuously throw the darts. They’d be lucky to last more than a couple of years at the most. But if you purchase higher quality darts made of aluminum or steel, then you can expect several more years out of them. Just treat them with care and don’t purposely try to abuse them.

3) More Speed

The diameter of the barrel and the design of the flight wings are the main factors which determine the speed of a dart. The best darts are always going to be designed to fly at faster speeds. This means the thrower won’t need to use as much strength or aggressiveness in their throws. They can rely on the darts themselves to do all the gliding for them.

4) Comfortable

The best darts have barrels which are designed for comfort. When you put two or three fingers on the barrel, you’ll want them to have a firm and reliable grip. Cheap darts have terrible grips and its easy for those darts to slip out of your fingers. On the other hand, high-quality barrels are usually ribbed with a rubbery material to help you sustain a firm grip.

5) Removable Tips

Certain types of premium darts allow you to remove and replace the steel tips at the ends of them. That way, you can keep the barrel, shaft, and wings of your darts without needing to purchase new ones. Steep tips will only wear out if you miss the dartboard a lot, causing the tips to regularly bang against solid wood or metal.


If you are a professional darts player or simply like to play darts regularly, then you need to purchase the best darts that you can afford. Even if you need to spend an extra $50, that investment will last you for a long time. Then you can enjoy darts in the best way possible. Not only that, your friends and family can get the same enjoyment as well. Isn’t that really what it’s all about?


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