Why You Should Choose Nepal as the Next Destination for Your Trekking Trip

Trekking is an activity that involves walking a long distance as you explore the surroundings of a particular area. You get to learn a lot of things about a specific region and also stay fit in the process. Most people prefer trekking in hilly areas or in places where they are surrounded by nature. You may try out different spots in your country or travel to another nation for such an expedition.

One of the best places to go trekking in Nepal. The landlocked country located in South Asia has so many spots and different things that will guarantee you a wonderful experience in your expedition. You should try out the Everest Base Camp Trek for the best trekking adventure in the region. Other places to go trekking in Nepal include Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Nagarkot. There are so many reasons why you should choose Nepal for your trekking expedition. Here are some of them.

It is Cheap

Nepal turns out to be one of the most affordable places to go trekking. Travelling to and from the country is one area where you will not be required to spend so much. Trekking charges in several spots are also very friendly. With as little as $15 a day, you can enjoy this expedition in the country. If you are looking for a budget-friendly place to go for such a trip, then you should choose Nepal.

Scenic Views

Nepal is a mountainous region with a sub-tropical evergreen forest. This is the kind of view you will enjoy when you decide to try out some of the trekking spots in Nepal. You will also enjoy a breath of fresh air as your tour different parts in the region. This is courtesy of the surrounding vegetation.

Local Cuisines

You will enjoy local Nepalese dishes during your trekking trip in the region. The cuisine comprises of a variety of Asian dishes. Some of the local dishes you will come across include momo, dhindo, lamb, thukpa, and Sel roti. There are different outlets you will get in between your trip, or you can buy and pack some of the dishes.


Trekking in Nepal allows you to interact with the locals and understand more about their culture. You will come across indigenous groups in some of the places you decide to visit during your trekking expedition. The country also practices different religions, Buddhists making up a higher percentage of the nation’s religion closely followed by Muslims. You will also understand some of their language and diverse cultural practices. How about you choose Nepal for your next trekking trip and enjoy the expedition.

Things to Carry for Your Trekking Trip to Nepal

There are several things you should carry to have the best trekking trip in the South Asian country. A sleeping bag can be of great significance for your trip because of the kind of warmth they generate. This is vital when travelling during cold season or to regions of a certain altitude. Most accommodation spots do not provide the right sleeping materials. You should also have a warm jacket that will ensure you are warm and comfortable throughout your trip. 

Some regions may be cold, and it is essential to stay warm during your trip. You should also put on the right shoes to provide you with the much-needed grip and safety. Hiking shoes are considered best in such a scenario. Make sure you carry food and water, which will ensure you are hydrated and energetic during your trek. Do not forget a camera you will use to capture moments and document your trip.

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