5 Awesome WordPress Photography Themes for 2016

WordPress Photography Themes

As you probably know there is a WordPress theme for just about every profession, hobby, interest and business.

There are free themes and premium themes.

Some of them actually have titles and descriptions that make sense, but most don't, which means you have to slog through each one to find out if it's any good or will work for you.

Some of you just want something to show off your photography style...because you are a creative person and everyone just thinks your images are cool. However, you also want a platform that is user friendly and doesn't require a special coder or web designer to create and keep it alive.

There are so many themes and templates to choose from, it makes your head spin Exorcist style...so I have kept the list short but included as many feature details as possible with my take on them.

What Makes This List More "Awesome" Than Any Others?

I'm not a photographer, but I do know WordPress. In order to make this list valuable to you I enlisted the help of some real photographers who use some of these themes. From their insights I was able to highlight the best features for each theme.

Most list articles you may find just give you an image of the theme and the standard features from the developer and not much else. This article list looks at the best themes from the perspective of a person just like you, a photographer.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer thinking of starting a WordPress blog, or you have a website already but it's old and you want something fresh, this list will prevent you from having to do a "spray and pray" of sorts, in the hopes of finding the right theme.

#1 - Top Of The Line - Mone'ys No Object Theme


Quick Video Tour of ProPhoto Theme

ProPhoto is designed for professional photographers and it is the most expensive theme on this list.

This one comes with lots of bells and whistles, which makes it versatile.

However, features up the ying yang usually means a steep learning curve. It is not the best for the non-designer.

Version 6 is the latest for 2016.

The basic package comes with five starter designs, and each one has its own special layout. However, you can buy "add-on designs," with 48 to choose from. These are pricey and are not available without buying the basic ones first.

Template Designs








  • Drag & drop page builder - This is a more of a content re-arranger than a full page builder, but nice to have
  • Responsive design - a WordPress theme "must have" in 2016
  • Sticky bars (usually a narrow bar of content that sticks to the top of the page when scrolling - another "nice to have" for highlighting specials etc.
  • Grid-style Layouts - Displays content in a grid pattern like Pinterest if that's what you like


  • Simple controls - color pickers, drag & drop image uploading, icon and font style selector
  • Page Templates - create different variations for each page type
  • Access to over 600 free custom fonts, or upload your own
  • Multiple Menus - build custom menus and put them anywhere
  • Almost 1,000 customizable styling options for each starter template


(What would a photography theme be without special image features!?!)


  • Gallery Creation - quick, simple and fully responsiv
  • Gallery Displays - flexible slideshow controls, thumb-strip navigation
  • Image Size - fullscreen everywhere - background, galleries, even gallery backgrounds
  • Image Optimization - Auto-optimization for "Retina Displays" - for fast loading
  • Image Protection - include left and right click disabling and custom watermarking for theft deterrent

Content Type

  • Forms - drag/drop form builder - put your forms anywhere
  • Tiles - (fancy stuff) create reusable layered graphics from text and images with hover states
  • Grids - add grids of recent posts, galleries or featured pages in widgets
  • Social Media Widgets - easy integration with all your social accounts


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - advanced and granular for the best chances of being found in the search engines
  • FaceBook Image Optimization - intelligent formatting of content for FaceBook display.

Not-So-Free Add-ons

Since this theme was built specifically for professional photographers, it has a business module that helps streamline the photography business process.


  • PayPal - the ubiquitous PayPal integration - you gotta have it
  • Proofing Galleries - allows customers to navigate their images, select their favorites, and submit orders
  • Shopping Cart - build product list, set prices, add shipping and taxes


  • Digital Downloads - allows customers to download images and galleries right from your site
  • Discount Code Creator - easy to manage and flexible codes for whole galleries, types of products or product categories

#2 - The Most Popular Photography Theme


People like what's popular, because it gives us a sense of security that plenty of others have used and liked something. Generic WordPress themes get to be popular usually because they're free and more people can access them.

I stayed away from the price reasoning and looked closer at the features and ease of use for this category. However, it is still within the price range of any serious photographer, amateur or not.


  • Minimalist Design - can be used for any photography business website
  • Responsive - all screen sizes, and mobile ready
  • Retina Ready - sharp high-res graphics
  • Woocommerce Ready - add plugin and instant store & cart
  • Gallery Templates - 14 in all
  • Portfolio Content - has a filter for quick searches
  • Slideshow - fullscreen for photo gallery
  • Unlimited Gallery Pages - enough said
  • Multi Language and Translation Ready - plugin required
  • Music support for homepage and pages
  • Password Protected Gallery Support
  • Image Gallery Comments Support
  • Video support - for YouTube and Vimeo
  • Extensive galleries admin - upload multiple images
  • Static Page Content - Fullscreen static image and video backgrounds
  • PayPal - the ubiquitous PayPal integration - you gotta have it
  • Social Media Profiles- support and integration
  • Google Fonts ready - just install the ones you like
  • Code Speed - CSS and javascript compression
  • Elements - easily change colors using color picker
  • Styled typography and flexible page columns
  • Shortcodes Friendly - many built in and has Shortcode generator plugin
  • Custom Post Type - for galleries
  • Custom Menu - WordPress custom menus supported
  • Theme Updates and Support - free
  • Contact us page - validation and Google Maps support
  • Documentation Tutorials - extensive
  • Child Theme Support - allows for advanced CSS customization that won't get erased by theme updates
  • WP Supercache plugin support - faster page loading

#3 - The Best Premium Photographer's Theme



  • PayPal - the ubiquitous PayPal integration - you gotta have it
  • WooCommerce Compatible - means you can add the fabulous WooCommerce plugin (tested to work) and create a great and well supported store/cart for your site
  • Responsive design - has been tested to render perfectly on all devices no matter how you configure it
  • Translation & RTL (right to left text) Ready - (does require a plugin, either free or paid)SEO Friendly - Site is structured to be "loved" by Google with clean and optimized code
  • Live Customizer - real time WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get while designing your pages)
  • Fast install - they say in under a minute and comes with demo content
  • Custom Background - allows for image, video, or a slider background
  • Fully Customizable Menus - full control of structure and design of the menus and submenu content - no extra plugins required
  • Video Tutorials and Excellent Support - 1-click updates, access to forums docs and video tutorials that take you through the entire build of a WordPress website
  • Drag and Drop Content - move your page content where you like it, which will individualize your page to your liking
  • Drag and Drop Content - move your page content where you like it, which will individualize your page to your liking

#4 - The Best Free WordPress For Photographers Theme


This is a difficult category to pin down, because the best free WordPress themes usually don't have all the best features enabled in the free version. I had to consider the "free" claim with a large grain of salt.

That said, I decided to only include what was in the free version. This took a lot of digging as the theme descriptions don't always tell you what is "not" included until you try and use that feature.

This is what rose to the top (from the mostly feature rich criteria):


  • Responsive Flat Design - flat design does away with the fluffy stuff like drop shadows and gradient; more minimalist with flat colors and faster performance
  • Retina Ready - optimized for all HiDPI (Retina) displays for sharp text and stunning images
  • WordPress Customizer - has dozens of options for extra customization all from the new WordPress customizer feature
  • One Page - this is a new trend in WordPress themes and a lot of websites use it, especially business sites. It allows for all your best content to be on one page, works well on mobile for scrolling, and navigation stays on the page instead of opening new windows
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Font Awesome support - supports these vector based iconsed - again a great store/cart plugin
  • Plugin Support - works with most popular WP plugins both free and premium, including standards like Contact Form 7, Jetpack, W3 Total Cache etc
  • Translation Ready - multilanguage ready, but still working on all translations
  • Color Options - unlimited one-click color pickers for all elements
  • Documentation - plenty of documentation articles on how to setup and use the theme
  • Support (of course) - they claim free support and use a forum format which in my opinion is sometimes faster than regular ticket based support
  • Hero Image - A hero image is a large full-width prominent image at the top of the page. Makes your best work stand out and a great place for a call to action

#5 - Just Plain Awesome Photograpghers Theme 


Okay now I get to pick one for the fun of it. Being a bit of a creative person I like things that are different or cool to look at. So you may not be looking to have a perfect business site, but want to show that you have a flare for new or different so my pick with you in mind is: photocrati


  • Starter Designs - over 60 templates included - don't get lost!
  • Responsive - optimized of all screen sizes and mobile.Gallery Management - unlimited galleries - just upload,manage and display
  • Fully Customizable Menus - full control of structure and design of the menus and submenu content - no extra plugins required

Ecommerce - has a built in ecommerce store/cart with PayPal integration

Thumbnail Galleries - clean traditional grid-style with customizable sizes, borders and even lightbox captions

  • Lightboxes - it has 4 built in light boxes to choose from, Fancybox, Thickbox, Manific and well Lightbox
  • Sliders - it has classic clean slideshows with customizable transitions and caption locations
  • Filmstrip Galleries - this is the old standard but with many customizable features
  • Blog templates (this is a really cool feature - no extra designing needed) - no need to stay with a standard blog page style, there are many to choose from, masonry, image wall, grid, featured image left/right etc.
  • Plenty of widgets - From featured posts to left side header menus
  • Image Protection - right click prevention keeps your images safe
  • Customization Possibilities - more options here than can be described, from font types to site layout and structure
  • Save/Share/Sell Designs (another cool feature) - once you have a theme design you like you can save it for use on another site, share it with a colleague or friend, or even sell it. You can even import designs from other people.
  • Support - comes with one year direct email support and a full year of all theme updates
  • Blog-style Galleries - great for you photo bloggers and wedding photographers. They are columns of large images with customizable sizing, spacing, and borders

Blog-style Galleries - great for you photo bloggers and wedding photographers. They are columns of large images with customizable sizing, spacing, and borders


So by now you have a better idea of what's out there specifically for finding the best WordPress photography themes.

I have tried to keep the selections to a minimum, but give you a wide range of categories to choose from.

I know not everyone is in the position to be making this their full time living, so I kept the selections in the price range most can afford, with the exception of the "money’s no object" — because, hey, there will be some pros out there that can afford the best that money can buy.

I hope you have found this article and list of themes informative and entertaining. My choices were based on both my opinion and experience with WordPress photography themes and some insights from photographers both professional and beginners on rhe photography themes they've used.

I wish you luck in finding the best WordPress theme for your experience and taste.


Mark Burns

Mark is jack of all trades and a master of some. He once was a Mechanical Designer for an Engineering firm. A Field Service Rep for a major Auto Manufacturer. An Auto Mechanic and lover of sports cars. He now designs and creates WordPress websites and helps market those sites with SEO best practices. In his spare time he builds engines and races sports cars.