Top 10 Best WordPress Themes for Painters

The best way to represent your talent as a painter online is to find a WordPress theme that highlights your art. To help, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 templates that we feel accomplishes this feat.

Pure Retro Portfolio

Pure Retro Portfolio makes our themes for painters list as it’s both stylish and fully functional. Artists won’t be disappointed as the layout is versatile enough to those in performing arts, including painters, photographers, video artists, web designers, or anyone with a creative passion they’d like to display to the world. 

Additionally, many sections of a site could be added to the front page. This could include featured slides, about us, portfolio, blog highlights and contact form. Site layout is compatible on computer, smartphone, and tablet screens.


We absolutely love the minimalist design of Uncode. This theme is the perfect site for anyone who runs a design or graphics company. It’s a visual-based template that is built for not just painters, but photographers, video artists, web design companies and marketing professionals.

Every photo added to the front screen is laid out like a grid. Once you press a photo it leads to a giant version of the image, with a description underneath. Article tags and share links are shown on the right side bar.

Crush – The WordPress Portfolio Theme

Crush is the right kind of portfolio theme needed for painting professionals. The WordPress theme provides a robust and responsive platform for many creatives, as artists can tailor whatever their needs are to the design.

A big advantage of Crush is just how customizable it is; let your creative juices flow by exploring the numerous options for displaying your artwork.

Wright Minimal WordPress Portfolio Theme

This template called Wright Minimal is easily one of the best WordPress theme for artists. It’s perfect for eccentric painters who are looking to make a bold statement with large images of their work on the homepage slider.

The secret-sauce to this theme lies in its simplicity and its reliance on the quality of the artwork. All the focus is centered on the art – as it should be.

Light Dose One Page Responsive Theme

The simplicity of Light Dose is awesome. If you want to make life ultra-simple for your visitors and you don’t have too much information to put across on your site, you might consider going for something that is a one-page site. Scroll down and everything is there: The About page, the Gallery and the Contact form.

Divi Elegant WordPress Theme

Words that come to mind to describe the Divi Elegant WordPress Theme is beautiful and elegant. What painters will stand to get with this theme is seamless design and functionality powered by a homepage slider that showcases artwork with confidence.

With its advanced Drag and Drop action, this WordPress theme makes a simple task for building your artist website even simpler. The best templates get right to the point by displaying what counts most – your artwork.

Marble – Flat Responsive Creative WordPress Theme

Marble’s flat responsive design allows for some unique functionality. Painters will get six different homepage layouts and two options for blog layouts making it one of the most flexible available for artists. It is truly a versatile template that can really get the job done.

As with many of the WordPress templates featured in this article, it is responsive, meaning it adapts and looks great on all devices and in all search engines. So need not worry about it looking weird on your tablet or smartphone.

Eero – Minimalistic WordPress Theme for Artists

Eero is another beautifully simplistic design created especially for use by artists. Painters gain a great easy-to-use template for a website where is they have a large body of work to showcase on their homepage, it’s no problem. Created by, the same people who brought us the Dorsey and Wright themes (one which is on this list).

The theme layout is compatible with high-resolution Retina devices and most web browsers. Your content can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and laptops.

The Curator

The Curator theme is awesome as it lets you showcase your artwork in chronological order. In addition, the template offers a rare opportunity to present your content in a somewhat unconventional and eye-catching way. This is perfect for painters who want to stick out.

As for the layout, thumbnail images are presented horizontally, which makes it easy for the user to scroll through them using the interactive timeline at the bottom of the page. Clicking on a thumbnail opens up a light box on the same page with a larger view of the image. 

The site is fully optimized to fit any screen, so need not worry about it looking terrible on your tablet, smartphone or computer.


Wonder adds some eye-catching CSS3 animations when you hover over the gallery of images directly below the logo, nav and copy. The single column design keeps things simple while ensuring that all of the visitor’s attention is on your artwork.

Then there’s the trove of additional features and options that come packaged with this theme. Beyond many of the things you would expect (theme customization, various page templates, etc.), Wonder comes complete with six free plugins that you can use to boost the functionality of your site.

The theme layout is compatible with high-resolution Retina devices and most web browsers. Your content can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and laptops.

Scott Moses

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