Yahoo Publisher Network

Throughout all of my posts here at Blogtrepreneur, I have always referred to Google Adsense as the major and best program for PPC campaigns. However, I there are others which have begun to gather publicity and more users, one of such is Yahoo Publisher Network or YPN for short.

In effect, YPN has the same priniciples as Adsense, in that it strives to display ads relevant to the content on your site. What’s more is that you can integrate other Yahoo services into your site or blog, for example Add To My Yahoo, (RSS) and Y!Q.

Unfortunately the contextual ad service is only in its beta stages, and as a result is only open to invitation. Also there does seem to be some anger directed at Yahoo! due to the termination of some of their publishers’ accounts on the network. According to Yahoo, they had”poor quality traffic”.

Despite these problems, YPN is set to compete with Google and other companies for an ads-service.

In later articles I will try to uncover some of the facts surrounding other ads services, such as Text Link Ads and Chitika Mini Malls in the search to find the best paying site for Bloggers.