Yes, Virginia, You CAN Sell a Service on Pinterest

Wait, what? If you aren’t that familiar with Pinterest, you might think it was all pallet projects and paleo recipes. But it is so much more and you can definitely sell what you do on it. Plus, with over 70 million users on it, why wouldn’t you?

Most of the time when people sell on Pinterest, they are selling a product and not a service. However, you can sell a service too. The trick is having great images and then great content when they click the link of your image. Having the link back increases the SEO value of your website, so it must be well-written, easy to follow, and mobile-friendly. Pinterest users can share their pins to their other social media pages making it very easy to have your pins go viral.

Some other great tips to get you started selling on Pinterest include:

  • Images
    Having high quality and visually stimulating images on your website ensures that your company’s pins and repins will be numerous. Place images on each page of your site including the About section, the Contact Us section, and on your List of Services page.
  • Your World
    On Pinterest, it isn’t enough to have the images from your company as a board. You also need to craft boards based on the world in which you work. For example, if you run an architectural firm or you are a contractor, share images of beautiful buildings, design features, DIY projects, or a how-to about redoing a vintage piece of furniture. Crafting boards like this encourages other pinners to get to know you and your company on a more personal level.
  • Labels
    Renaming pins is a pain. So when you are creating new ones or pinning some from other sources, they must be labeled correctly. This saves your followers from having to rename them when they repin them.
  • Correct Link
    There isn’t a more disappointing feeling on Pinterest than when you pin something you want to buy or make and the link doesn’t work. Or worse yet, it sends you to some spammy site or pornography. Your customers will not thank you for wasting their time, so make sure all the links are correct on your pins.
  • Stay Seasonal
    Pinterest searches change with the seasons, so stay on trend and of the moment. For example, if you run a spa and it’s early summer, start a board of products to get you through the summer. You could also create a board about healthy habits in the summer. Staying with the season means users will more likely see your pins.
  • Behind the Scenes
    As a business, you want to use Pinterest to help your followers feel more connected to you and the brand. A great way to do that is to create a board of your office, your work, or your staff. Have your staff create a board based on what they are working on or what they find interesting about their line of work.

Pinterest is a great opportunity to connect with your audience (and potential customers) on a more intimate level. Interacting with users and sharing their pins on your account shows that you are listening to them, which in the end makes you a more popular pinner.

Do you have any other tips for using Pinterest for business? Talk to us in the comments.