You Joined eBay’s Affiliate Program… Now What?

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So you’ve heard that other digital publishers have been earning commissions by promoting eBay items, so you decided to check out eBay’s affiliate program. You may even have applied and joined already. Great, but where should you start?

Though it can seem daunting as you initially embark on this new endeavor, eBay Partner Network makes it easy for affiliates to get up and running. Publishers of all sizes and across many genres are using eBay Partner Network to monetize their blogs, mobile apps, shopping comparison sites, social media-based businesses and more.

After you’re accepted into eBay’s affiliate program, you’ll get access to tools to add trackable links or ads to your website or social page. So you can get started quickly by simply copying and pasting code from a text link generator to your site to create basic links. But then what should you do with these tools?

EPN’s most successful partners first focus on creating a great user experience. They then use eBay listings to enhance relevant site content. As EPN affiliate Theo Palios says, “I show my audience products that are relevant to my niche. So when I write an article on a topic that will interest my audience, I add links to products that fit naturally within that context.”

You can add as many affiliate ads and links as you would like, while focusing on promoting the items or categories that will best appeal to your visitors. For example, if you have a photography hobbyist blog, promoting cameras and accessories would be a natural fit. You might even want to consider doing something more creative like a regular roundup of hand-picked items that appeal to your readers, like EPN partner Zuburbia does.

With eBay’s affiliate program, you can earn even more by driving first-time buyers, as purchases by these buyers will earn you a 200% commission bonus. Deals and sales events are a particularly effective way to attract new purchasers, and you can find these events by opting into eBay Partner Network emails, as well as checking out the Promotions and Sales Portal.

Don’t forget to think beyond your website as you consider ways to maximize your partnership and your commissions with EPN. You can expand your reach and your earnings potential by promoting eBay affiliate links to your social media followers on platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

To stay on top of your efforts, make sure to use eBay Partner Network’s reporting resources to measure, test, analyze and optimize your campaigns, so you can continuously learn (and earn).


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