You Made a Cool YouTube Video! Now What?

YouTube Video MarketingYou’ve undoubtedly heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” With that being the case, a video must be worth even more. It seems like almost every marketing website we go to these days has a video on the front page, set to automatically play when a visitor hits the site. The reason for this is because videos are terrific attention grabbers and require less energy than having to read a lengthy business or service description.

YouTube has millions of registered users around the world, which makes it the leading website to market a video. But simply making a video and uploading it to YouTube is not likely to bring you the results you’re hoping for. Getting as many views as possible along with “likes” and positive comments are all good measurements of your video’s success. But what does it take to maximize these numbers?

YouTube is a Social Network

As with many other user-generated content websites, YouTube has a social aspect to it. If a person lacks a decent number of followers, getting high numbers of “likes” and comments will be far more difficult. So, in order for YouTube to work to your advantage, a good amount of time should be spent making connections with people on the website. In order to help you to gain followers more easily, consider optimizing your YouTube efforts with the following tips:

Title: The title of your video can be one of the most important tools to draw traffic. Make certain that you optimize the title with keywords so that people searching on the YouTube site and outside search engines can find your video for related searches. Take the time to consider which types of words and phrases people will be using when searching for subjects related to your video, and include those in your video’s title.

Description: As with the title of your video, the description should contain good keywords. If you use too many keywords, however, it will feel more like spam than a description. When composing the description for your video, keep in mind that it should be interesting and also describe exactly what your video has to offer.

Embedding: Make sure to embed your video everywhere possible. This will include your own website along with social media sites like Facebook, Digg, and LinkedIn. Doing so will ensure that you will generate hits from a much broader audience than if you were to use YouTube solely. YouTube provides embedding codes for videos automatically, so sharing the video on other websites is a cinch!

Back-Linking: The goal is to get as many views as possible, and creating back-links for your video will help you increase views. By creating effective back-links, your search engine ranking will increase, along with your popularity on YouTube. After all, the higher your search engine rankings are, the more views your video will receive. Place links to your video anywhere you get the opportunity. Social platforms like Twitter are perfect for this.

By implementing these ideas, your video stands a much better chance at popularity. The more popular your video is, the more traffic you will get to the video of course, but the real advantage is that it can lead to site traffic, recognition, and even cult status!

What experience do you have with YouTube video marketing? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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