Young Entrepreneur Internet Tools: Series

I’ve been reading about so many internet startups recently, including my own of course with the launch of However, as I posted in one of my regular forums that I visit, there are hardly any websites that contain information relevant to teenagers and young entrepreneurs about starting a business or a site online. As a result, I wanted to share the knowledge that I have built up and used which has enabled me to start various internet sites and ones coming up in the pipeline.

This series will explore the tools and services that young entrepreneurs can use. While some may need the initial use of an adult credit card or adult identity (which you can politely ask your parents for), most should run without the need of an adult, and you can manage the accounts with ease and in full control.

Therefore, I will be reviewing and suggesting some products that will be useful to you as a teen entrepreneur. I hope to feature great places where you can get affordable domains and hosting, payment processors that will help you rake in the money, places where you can find great contacts to help out with joint ventures and help and a lot lot more.

Who knows, the information I give here might develop itself into a website soon (no hints ;)) but I really just want to help out other young entrepreneurs who are stuck in this lack of information “rut” that I have been in uptil now. Stay tuned!