You’re never too little … or too big, to network

You know that saying, "it’s not what you know, it’s who you know"? Well it is as true in blogging as it is in business as it is just about anywhere else. Meeting people, answering emails, filling out contact forms, whatever you do, connecting with other bloggers pays off.

Why should you get to know other bloggers?
When you know other bloggers you reap benefits like:

  • An increased chance of receiving link ups when you write quality content
  • The possibility of exchanging blogroll links for SEO and traffic benefits
  • A source for information and tips for content in your area
  • A friend to help out when you need to promote something on the site
  • An open door for opportunities

The more people you know, the more likely useful, positive things will happen. In the months that I have been blogging I have met dozens of wonderful, talented, connected and interesting individuals. Knowing these people has led to interesting opportunities. An obvious example is that I am guest writing here on Blogtrepreneur.com a blog run by Adnan, a fellow blogger who I met through a couple of comments and the purchase of a ReviewMe review!

Knowing other people in the industry also helped me get an article I wrote to the top of the del.icio.us/popular list, have helped me net many useful linkbacks as well as helped me through advice and tips on my way to blogging success.

So how do you do it?
It’s really quite simple, just two rules really:

  1. Keep all your lines of communication open: That is to say, be available, answer emails, answer comments, provide a way on your site for people to contact you and make sure that your readers and other bloggers know that you like to hear from them!
  2. Contact People: Find other bloggers who write in the same niche, when you have a great post write to the big blogs and let them know, write comments on other blogs and follow any leads that land on your doorstep.

Never too big, never too little…
It always surprises me when people don’t find the time to write back to me. I know all too well what it is like to be too busy, I run a variety of websites and two businesses, busy is my middle name. But even amongst this, there is always time to write a quick sentence or two to acknowledge a contact. It doesn’t need to be immediate, but within a 1-5 day range is acceptable.

Of course answering or not answering other people is entirely a matter of choice, but for me, the amount of benefits, the weight of courtesy and all the untold possibilities that lie in getting back to people… they just add up to it being completely worthwhile to get back to your contacts.

So, go and network!

This post was guest blogged by Collis Ta’eed of NorthxEast.com and FreelanceSwitch.com

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