1STOPBEDROOMS – Best Furniture Store in the USA

If you’re in need of new furniture and prefer to shop online, 1StopBedrooms is one of the best retailers in the United States. With decades of experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction, you can rest assured your new furniture will meet all of your expectations. Keep reading to learn more about why 1StopBedrooms is the best furniture store in the nation.

20 Years of Industry Experience

With over 20 years of experience in the furniture industry, the team at 1StopBedrooms is committed to providing a high quality experience for both customers and manufacturers. The company values personal interactions and excellent customer service, both of which are essential in running a successful online business. They’ve also put systems in place to ensure an optimal online shopping experience. With predictive tracking, competitive pricing, and a user-friendly website, you’ll want to return every time you’re in need of new furniture. 

Although the team continues to grow and expand, they strive to maintain a small business atmosphere. They’re constantly rethinking ways to revamp the furniture industry, including how to cut shipping costs and streamlining the delivery process. Read more about what real 1StopBedrooms customers have to say about their experience on the company website.

Shop More Save More

While many online furniture retailers offer free shipping, the costs are often buried into the price of the products. 1StopBedrooms is committed to consumer transparency and always displays the actual prices of products, along with accurate shipping fees. With their “shop more save more” program, 1StopBedrooms offers exclusive discounts when customers purchase entire furniture sets. The more pieces you purchase from a specific set, the bigger the final discount. The company also calculates what you save when you ship multiple items together and makes sure to pass those savings on. 

White Glove Delivery

One of the biggest challenges of the furniture industry is shipping and handling. Variables like weight, size, and packaging requirements make it difficult to standardize the delivery process across all products. However, 1StopBedrooms ensures your items will arrive at your door free from damage. 

1StopBedrooms’ White Glove Delivery process starts with a full inspection of your items by an experienced furniture professional. Pieces are wrapped in a protective layer and reinforced with an additional safety cage. Then, your furniture is loaded on to the delivery truck, where it’s secured with harnesses and safety equipment. This ensures your items arrive in perfect condition. 

The next step of the White Glove Delivery process is your furniture’s arrival at a designated White Glove Delivery Terminal close to your furniture’s final destination.  At the terminal, your furniture is unwrapped and inspected a second time to ensure it’s free from any damage. You’ll then be contacted by a representative to arrange a delivery date. Once your furniture arrives, the 1StopBedrooms White Glove Delivery Team will assemble your pieces and place them exactly where you want it. Before they leave, they’ll perform a final inspection and clean up any debris left over from unpacking and assembly.

Causes and Partnerships

In addition to a commitment to customer and manufacturer satisfaction, 1StopBedrooms is also committed to helping communities and charitable organizations. As a Make-A-Wish partner in the state of New York, 1StopBedrooms helps children in the program create their dream bedrooms with the latest furniture and decor. The company also partners with well-known charities like The Salvation Army, Innovation:Africa, and The Conservation Coalition.

Outside of partnerships and sponsorships, 1StopBedrooms gives back by donating a portion of all customer returns. The proceeds go to families in need and help them purchase furniture for their home or apartment. 

Rylie Holt