3 Blogging Tips for Baby Brands

The baby products market is consistently growing. If you’re considering starting a company, you may want to start one that sells baby and parenting products.

However, when doing so, you must understand that you’ll be entering a fairly competitive market. You need to promote your brand aggressively to ensure people know about it.

A blog can help. A blog is a low-cost marketing tool that allows you to grow your customer base by sharing valuable content with your audience. To successfully use a blog in this capacity, keep the following tips in mind:

Don’t Be Excessively ‘Salesy’

Again, your goal when promoting your company via a blog is to provide content that your customers will find valuable in some capacity. You don’t want to simply write about how great your products are.

First, surveys routinely indicate that consumers are growing tired of brands being too “salesy” in their marketing content. You run the risk of alienating your audience if all you write about is the benefits your products offer. 

Additionally, potential customers don’t have much use for blog entries on products they don’t own. There’s a good chance few people will even read such entries, significantly limiting your blog’s return-on-investment.

Solve a Problem

The fact that you shouldn’t make your products the focus of your blog entries doesn’t mean you shouldn’t promote them at all. You still likely want people who read your blogs to then click over to product pages to buy what you’re selling.

To increase the likelihood of them doing so, consider how your products solve a problem. Even if you’re only selling baby toys, the problem you may be solving for your customers could be “how to keep little children entertained.”

When you know what type of problem your products solve for customers, you can write blogs offering advice for solving such a problem. This increases your chances of reaching those most likely to buy what you’re offering. Additionally, when covering these topics, you can then easily mention that your products also solve the problem in question, allowing you to promote them in a natural way that doesn’t feel forced.

Use Images

A blog will naturally consist primarily of words. However, it’s a good idea to include pictures throughout your blog entries as well.

There are several reasons this is the case. One is the simple fact that research indicates online content with pictures tends to rank higher in search engine results. This may be because content with pictures typically gets more attention from users.

Additionally, including pictures can give you the opportunity to demonstrate how your products work. This may be necessary if it’s not clear from a description alone how a customer might use your products in their life.

Just keep in mind, while a blog is certainly a useful marketing tool, it’s no substitute for a thorough marketing strategy. If you really want to grow your brand, strongly consider partnering with a marketing agency for baby companies. Coordinating with marketing experts who specialize in your niche will dramatically increase your odds of success.

Rylie Holt