4 Networking Tips for New Business Leaders

In so many instances, success in business comes down to clear communication and teamwork. However, effective collaboration doesn’t just happen overnight. Rather, it can take years to generate and cultivate meaningful business relationships. If you’re looking to advance your career, then you need to know how to network. Thankfully these four tips will help you build better relationships with the people who really matter. Check them out here: 


You never know when a business contact will come in handy. Whether you’re meeting a new intern at your office or the CEO of a rival company for the first time, always treat others with respect and courtesy. It doesn’t cost anything to be friendly, and making a good first impression can color people’s opinion of you for years. You don’t have to be great pals with everyone you meet, but you should at least take the time to remember key facts like people’s names, job titles, and a little about their personality. 

Reach Out & Help

Often, people only try to network when they need something. People who are looking for a new job, for instance, often spend a lot of time talking to business leaders who they think can help them. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can be a better strategy to reach out to people you can help first. Helping others is a great way to meet new people and to earn their trust. Plus, they may be able to help you in return some day!

Keep Things Casual

Making a sales pitch is not the same as networking. When you introduce yourself to a new professional contact, do your best to have a regular, organic conversation. Discuss a new medical article you read from a clinic like ThriveMD, talk about the weather, or even ask your new contact about their favorite hobbies or interests. The best professional relationships are built through personal connections –– so save your sales script for cold calls. 

Follow U

While a good first impression is very important, networking doesn’t end after the first encounter. If you want to actually develop business connections and surround yourself with talented people, then you need to take the trouble to follow up with them. Sending someone an email every few months just to check in on them can be a small, but sincere way to show you value them as a person. Meeting someone for the first time can be nerve-wracking for many people, but being a decent person and staying in touch with others in your social circle just requires a little effort and time. In the end, that can make a huge difference for your career and your life!

Rylie Holt