4 Ways in which Cloud Hosting can help Small and Medium sized Businesses

With the growing trend of many businesses moving online, scalability is one of the key factors to consider when you look for website hosting. Although there are several hosting services Cloud Hosting is highly scalable, seamless and terminates the need for physical hardware infrastructure. However, the biggest advantage of Cloud Hosting is that it allows the SMBs to focus on building their business and the whole management is taken care of by the cloud hosting provider.

In this article, we will cover the essentials of Cloud Hosting and the benefit it can offer to you, the small and medium-sized businesses.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is an interconnection of several computers all connected via a common network link virtually where each computer acts as a server. Here features like Disk Space Management, CPU, RAM are all distributed across the cluster of servers working together. Thus reducing the downtime a website may face if the server is down.

In general, there are three types of Clouds public, private and hybrid.

Public Cloud is the one in which the physical server is shared amongst users and it is managed by third-party cloud hosting providers.  In Private Cloud, the entire server is assigned to a particular company with no other website sharing space.  A combination of public and private clouds is called the Hybrid Cloud, that essentially offers the best of both clouds.

Four Ways Cloud Hosting can help SMBs

Now that we’ve seen what is Cloud and Cloud Hosting, let us now have a look at how they can help SMB’s in their business.

1. Better Website Performance

Cloud Hosting increases the performance of your website and all the web applications as the load is adjusted equally amongst all the servers. Moreover, high traffic load doesn’t hamper the performance of the websites. Also, resource availability is comparatively higher, in a sense if one server fails, the control is transferred to other servers without affecting the efficiency.

2. Cost Savings

From a perspective, Cloud Hosting might expensive but when you analyze the features it offers the pricing is comparatively at the lower end. Another benefit of some cloud hosting providers is that you might only have to pay for the resources you use and nothing additional.

3. Great Stability

When it comes to balancing and the support, the website offers its customers stability is the one thing that is taken into account. With Cloud Hosting your data is not only well protected but distributed across different servers. This ensures that your data is well backed up and recovery is considerably easy.

4. Easy Scalability

One of the key benefits of Cloud Hosting is its ability to offer scalability to your business website as and when your website traffic increases. With Cloud Hosting you can easily upgrade your RAM and CPU capacity without affecting your customer performance. This upgradation is usually taken care of by your chosen cloud hosting provider.


Cloud Hosting at its core is a simple hosting service that’s suitable it every business. Whether you’re a Small and Medium-sized business or a seasoned large business, Cloud Hosting caters to all. I would suggest ResellerClub as the preferred cloud hosting provider as they offer high speed and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Lastly, they offer amazing tech support and are well connected to their customers via phone, chat, and email.


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