5 of the Best Waist Cincher Reviews

lush moda waist trainer, 4 stars

Corsets are a trend now and like you I have toyed with the idea of using one. Why wouldn’t I fancy knocking off a few inches from my waist in 14 days? But then, and I speak for many, I have heard concerns on safety when using the waist cinchers.

These cute waist trainers are actually made of tough latex, and once they strap in it can get really hard to breathe, or so I have heard. For my own peace of mind I went on a small hunt for the five top waist cincher reviews out there and it led me to a couple of products I thought were best to share with you. Here is an overview of the best waist cincher reviews for 2016.

Lush Moda Waist Trainer

A little research in the past led me to the discovery that corsets were first popular in South America even before it became a thing in other continents. So it is no surprise that the Colombians have their own authentic faja, the Lush Moda Waist Trainer. Does it strap firmly on the waist? Definitely; three rows of strapping hooks prove it.

The Lush Moda corset is made from a firm but gentle fabric, with added boning rods to keep it in place when worn, and also to stop you from slouching. An added advantage is the push up effect it has on your bust. It’s also flexible and stretches, thus moving around won’t be a hassle.

The Komene Waist Cincher

The Komene waist corset is another excellent product on the market today. Just like other cinchers I came across, this too works on the principle of compression and perspiration.

The corset is 100% high quality and has odourless latex. The inside is a blend between 96% cotton and 4% Spandex. So yes, it feels quite tight on the waist but then the cotton factor and spandex makes it stretchy and breathable for comfort.

Amazon provides a size chart to aid my choice decisions, though a general rule is to always pick the smaller option if you are stuck between two sizes. The Komene corset is meant to feel tight for better results, and it stretches too thus the smaller the better.

Camellias 26 Steel-Boned Heavy Duty Corset

I can already feel my waistline narrowing just from the name alone. The Camellias heavy duty corset is exactly as they are calling it—heavy duty. The reinforcement is crazy; a total of 26 steel bones distributed as 4 rigid bars for back support, 2 steel bars close to the front bask, and 29 steel bones that are spiralled. It is these steel bones that give the corset a firm grip on the waist line and immense strength for fast results.

In my five waist cincher reviews, I call this one a ‘tank’ by its built quality and the grip of a grizzly. Amazon even rate it a 4.4 out of 5 from the 1000+ positive reviews that satisfied customers gave. If I am thinking of going hard on losing waist fat, then I definitely swear by the Camellias corset.

Squeem Firm Miracle Vest

This one is quite pricy of all five but I saw why after reading the features. The entire cincher is made from pure high grade cotton, no spandex in sight so I can imagine just how breathable it is and gentle on the skin. Lots of corsets rely on the perspiration factor, so I can see me still smelling fresh as the cotton masks all the gym sweat. This is great for waist training.

The design features a firm grip to push down waist fat; it goes the extra mile of aiding midsection shape to an hourglass silhouette. Added perks include bust reshaping, improved body posture, and zero stinks thanks to the silky cotton.

PlayGirl Label 4 Waist Shaper Corset

One thing caught my attention; it is drop dead cheap! At a price that made me smile, it was hard to believe they also used the 26 steel bones for lumbar support, bust reshaping, and to hold the corset firmly on the waist.

A peek inside revealed four clothing layers; taffeta on the outer, 2 cotton layers on mid section and an extra cotton layer to line the inner fabric. So I get to feel comfortable and sweat free. Oh, and I watch my waist potentially reduce to 6 inches—jackpot! Amazon also said it was crafted from a professional corsetiere.

Looking at my 5 top waist cincher reviews, I notice pricing does nothing to bar my access to a decent waist slimmer. $20 can get me a good quality corset with plenty of reinforcement to hold the cincher in place whilst shaping my tummy and bosom.

Alternatively, I can spend a few dollars more to improve the comfort of my corset. Pure cotton corsets attract the highest prices and you can judge by the comfort and breathability. So don’t rely on the sales hype out there, this should be your trusted review on some of the best waist cinchers for 2016.

Product images sourced from Amazon.com.

Jane Tomkins

I have been interested in health and fitness for many years. I have ran half marathons. I've tried various diets and recently I got more interest in waist training and cinchers after I saw the dramatic results you could get with them almost immediately.