5 Creative Ideas For Coffee Packaging

The packaging of coffee and many other consumable products is as important as the products themselves. Factually, a particular packaging option is needed for almost every product you’re willing to showcase in the marketplace and oftentimes, it seems complex to create the best designs for your chosen packaging option.

Even if you’ve the roaster with the most appetizing coffee, you may still need one of the best packaging designs out there in order to rake in customers’ attention for your product. Whether you’d be handling all the packaging tasks by yourself or you’d like to engage the service of a professional packaging company, below are the 5 creative ideas you should consider if you really desire some amazing packaging for your coffee.

Come Out with Captivating Graphics

Static graphics might not captivate those coming across your coffee packaging for the first time. According to research, digital printing flexible packaging portraying action or motion are said to have more captivating potentials than the ones with static graphics. Of course, many customers tend to be easily excited to see some attractive packaging with lively graphics illustrating how a product looks like when being used. Provided you’re using some relevant graphics giving insights about how your coffee looks while it is being poured into a container, you could throw a sensational experience into the minds of customers stumbling upon the coffee packaging for the first time.

Think about Amazing Packaging Options

Bags are very common packaging options for coffee and while you may still favor the use of bags, you could take a step forward by using paper coffee bags which are not only recyclable but also add sustainability to every level of production. Many manufacturers of beverages –including coffee –are now embracing the use of beautiful pouches portraying eye-catching bold images yet giving customers insights about the products within the packaging.

You should think broadly about the types of coffee bags that allow for innovative designs and graphics portraying the nature of your coffee and perhaps some giant images of certain features in the country where the coffee originated.

Use Attractive Colors

Several top coffee brands are now advancing from the common brown-colored packaging to more colorful ones that tend to capture the fancies of customers much better. Many coffee companies currently use colored bags with black detailing after having switched from its old packaging of black bags with colored stickers. Interestingly, the attractive colors of these bags are enough to hold the interest of those who are likely to come across them on Instagram and other visual-oriented social networks. In fact, coffee packaging design has reached a whole new level with the widespread use of flexible packaging.

Incorporate Amazing Innovations into the Packaging

Perhaps you want your coffee packaging to feature an exciting innovation which many other coffee producers aren’t thinking about yet. For instance, a particular South African company incorporated a zip pull feature into its coffee bag, making it the first coffee brand to have emerged with such a mind-blowing technology in South Africa. Basically, the zip pull feature comes as an opening device that enables coffee consumers to avoid decanting their coffee while still keeping it crisp and properly sealed in its bag.

Go Beyond Conventional Norms

While some roasters are still sticking to the conventional norms associated with coffee packaging, several innovative brands have taken steps higher by emerging with unique packaging designs such as eye-catching boxes. Besides featuring artistic designs (such as drawings of stunt bikes, racing cars, dragsters, etc.), each of these boxes packs a sealed pull tab, appearing at the top.  

Creating distinctive designs require you to not only advance from conventional norms but also carve out mind-blowing packaging designs that will communicate well with your customers. Such designs might seem hectic to create but verily, you’ll realize that they’re worth all the resources deployed in bringing them alive.



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