5 Effective Ways to Learn What Your Customers Want

Many companies boast that they know what their customers want. Here’s the thing: Many companies THINK they know what their customers want, but the chances that they’re listening to them regularly are small. Why? It takes a serious commitment of resources to listen to customers regularly when you need to keep the money coming in. 

But there are simple ways to boost your revenue that involve discovering what your customers want. Here’s how to do it: 

Meet Your Customers

Crazy idea, right? Nope! Every week, at least once, set up a phone call or Skype session with a real, live customer. Ask him or her what they love and hate about your product or service. Flag the customer in your favorite CRM tool as a favorite. 

Track the person as you address their issues. They could become one of your biggest customers and influencers on social media. And don’t just pick people because they live in the city next to yours. Think globally and chase feedback from a realistic profile of your client base. 

Watch Your Customers

Consider using an online tool to track customer behavior. You could be surprised that their behavior is not what you thought. They might go to different parts of your site than you intended. After you have analyzed how they use your website,  alter the navigation to get them to go where you want. 

Email Your Customers

This is a neat way to garner feedback from customers and find out what they want. Send them an email from a real human being a few days after they purchase. Ask them how they heard about your company and why they bought from you. 

If you do this quickly, they are more likely to remember and answer you. 

Also, consider sending out a detailed email survey. An embedded email survey can result in a massive increase in responses and actionable data. 

Asking for opinions from your customers is essential. A Cint survey found that customers are 62% more willing to purchase from a company that asks what they think. And more than 50% would stay loyal to the brand when asked their opinion.

NPS Your Customers

Learn how much your customers like you with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey. NPS software works by asking a question: On a scale from one to 10, how likely are you to recommend this company to a friend? This type of survey with an NPS tool helps you learn how much your clients like you. If your customers like you, they’re more likely to buy from you. And they’ll tell their friends on social media about you, too. 

Consider The Amazon Method

Whatever you think of Amazon overall, their platform offers smart marketers tools to show your customers you understand what they want. 

Just click on the book section on Amazon and find discussion groups. Review the titles and subtitles of popular books in marketing. Most of these books sell because of the promise they made. This research will tell you the phrases people like and the vital elements they want in a value proposition. 

Next, study the book and product reviews. Collect the best and worst reviews, no matter if the energy is good or bad. The subconscious thinking of these customers is revealed. Emotions and hearts drive their comments, and they will articulate their feelings with original phraseology in some cases. 

Having information this detailed is infallible. Now you can go to your potential customers knowing what they want and don’t want. 

Now that you have some new ideas to determine what your customers want, give them a try in 2021. If you understand your customers’ needs and wants, you will be richly rewarded.

Rylie Holt