5 industries that virtual reality is going to change forever

With the rise of all things tech, virtual reality is soon becoming the norm. From property to healthcare, here are five industries that VR is going to change forever:


Various estate agents are now using virtual reality as a way of showing potential buyers around new builds and properties they are selling before they are available to view, either because of access issues or because the properties are not physically ready yet, adding a whole other dimension to the selling process.

The aim of this technology isn’t necessarily to replace property viewings, as so much of house buying is based on face-to-face physical experiences. However, it has been argued it helps speeds up the process and can help larger investors.


The introduction of virtual reality means that engineers can experiment in both design and build of a vehicle before spending money on prototypes. With this technology getting more advanced as time goes by, it’s no surprise that big brands such as Land Rover and BMW have already implemented VR in their design process.

It’s not only the cars itself being manipulated by technology, the changing role of the showroom is being led by the internet and online shopping habits of all consumers. So whether you’re searching for BMW car lease or looking to buy a Ford out right, you will soon be greeted online instead of in a showroom.


Thanks to the progress in virtual reality in the gambling industry, you can now play multiplayer poker in a virtual casino. Unlike online poker you can talk to other players and read their body language. You can’t win real money, but you can experience the thrill and excitement of the game.


Virtual reality has been making waves in the construction industry for years now. It can reduce downtime and miscommunication between architectures, builder’s merchants and clients making the whole process much more efficient. Architects have been using 3D models for years but using immersive VR tools allow them to understand and explore their own designs in a more in-depth manner.


Healthcare is possibly one of the biggest industries to be affected by virtual reality. Doctors and professionals can now practice procedures or test types of medicine on models of the human body. As well as this virtual reality can currently be used to help with mental heath issues or illnesses. Virtual reality is often used as a diagnostic tool in that can help doctors diagnose a patient in partnership with traditional techniques such as MRI scans. This removes the need for invasive procedures or surgery.


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