5 Social Media Marketing Techniques That Will Help You Sell Art Online

If you're an art fan with a desire to start your own online store you will be happy to find online services such as Shopify. However, setting up your shop doesn't take nearly as much time and effort as marketing it. Typically, marketing your product is easier if you have a unique style which sometimes can make it sell itself. In any case, here are some of the most effective solutions artists around the world have found to get their art out there.

1. Advertise Your Social Media Page

Before you invest in any marketing techniques to promote your products make sure you promote you social media page first. Most artists find the most success in doing this using the social media advertising campaigns that most of the top platforms offer. Having a good following on places like Facebook and Instagram will make it much more efficient and effective in promoting your art.

2. Video Animations

A great way to showcase your art online, if you are serious about marketing and selling it, is using a crystal-clear video that is easy to watch. A lot of potential clients may not want to click through countless pages of your art, so this could be a very effective way to promote your art to those clients.

3. Purchase Press Release Services

A great way to build relationships and promote your social media presence is to hire a writer to write press releases about your company and services. Providing those press releases to art blogs that have an interest in what you have to offer is a great way to promote them as well as giving you the likes and shares you need to promote your brand.

4. Blog & Share

You could also hire a writer to write engaging blog posts on a variety of topics related to your art niche to promote your social media pages as well as your online art store. Visitors to your site want to read a variety of interesting content and in return, they may promote you by sharing your page on social media and to friends and family.

5. Whiteboard Illustrations

You can also hire a company to produce whiteboard animations as this is a very effective way to advertise your art. The success of this method will depend a lot of the type of artwork you are selling. However, if you invest the time and money in a great whiteboard illustration to showcase your skills this marketing technique could work wonders for you.

It is common knowledge that social media plays a massive role in any online marketing ploy these days due to it being the most cost-effective way of getting your creative ideas out there. All it takes for one person to see and enjoy your art, and that could lead to them sharing it with their friends and family. If your work is truly unique and you take advantage of how easy social media is to use, there is no reason you can't quickly build an audience that will allow you to sell your work with just a little effort.



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