5 Things to consider when looking for a family-friendly home in Qatar

Exploring and discovering your perfect home is no doubt an exhilarating experience and at the same time, a challenging one too. Particularly if you have children, and this means you have many aspects to consider and ensure before you move into the new home. In other words, is the home family-friendly? Amid the fantastic collection of properties for rent in Qatar, if you know what you need to look for in a family-friendly home, then it’s going to be one easy process for you.

1. Is the home safe for small children?

When you have smaller children, the house has to be childproof or can be altered to keep children safe, both indoor and outdoor. This means a place with stairways could be a hazard for active toddlers. Check if you can gate the entryway to the stairs, a place with stairs can be dangerous for a toddler. Open stairways pose a more prominent issue because toddlers could try to climb and potentially fall -off the railings.

When it’s about safety, the outdoors are also to be thought of with care. What about a pond or swimming pool on the home’s exterior? When you have younger children, every corner has to be safe for kids. If there is a way to fence these open water features at an affordable and reasonable cost, then you can tick the first box.

2.Know the neighbourhood

The neighbourhood is the most important. So when you are in the area to view the house, it’s the right time to observe the people in the community. A friendly neighbourhood ranks top among the best places to live.

Also, you can check if there are other families in the neighbourhood, so your children can develop a positive friendship with other kids in the area. Or perhaps, there’s a classmate or a child from the same school your child goes to? A walk through the streets of the community can give you a great deal of information about its people.

3.The plan of the house is important

When you have children, you have to think about the size of the home. Even if they are toddlers now or teenage children, they would require a room for themselves. Besides, their storage to consider. Growing children are involved in games and need space to store their bats, or bicycle and any other game equipment that they will use in and out of school. If they are small, then the house has to accommodate the toys and probably have a dedicated playroom, so children have some space away from you.  

A significant factor to check in a house is its layout or floor plan and match it with your lifestyle. Another factor to consider is the floor plan. Are the children’s rooms close to yours? If you have smaller children of the same age group and prefer to let them share their space, then ensure the rooms are spacious. Size, layout and number of bedrooms and bathrooms are the essential aspects to look for in a new home for a family. , the kitchen and dining area has to be big enough for your family and the extended family. One or two private balconies can also be great,  offering you lots of fresh air and views whenever you need it. The bathrooms are vital in a family home, and you don’t want to be in line on busy weekdays waiting for your shower!

4.Find out about the local schools

If you are planning on your child studying in a school close to your home, then consider visiting the school to know what it offers. If the school is top-ranked and the curriculum is exactly what you want for your child, then you are on the right track. It’s always better to research a school before you shortlist a home. Plus, if your home is proximal to the school, then the school transport will also be available, and they can get home safe and early after school.

5.Recreational amenities are necessary

Whether you have small children or teens, a playground or park is an essential amenity. Even if there’s a home yard, nothing beats a good game of ball or cycling with a group of friends in a park or playground. A community swimming pool in a neighbourhood can be a great advantage. Not only do the children get to swim for fun, but they have the opportunity to train under qualified trainers who would be associated with such facilities.

Besides, good restaurants and shops nearby help you on weekends, when you don’t have to drive a long distance to dine out as a family. And your sudden need for a grocery item is taken care of quickly when there’s a local supermarket that has ample supply of things a family would need.

Let’s not miss a mall. Don’t all families enjoy spending time at the mall? Maybe go to the cinema with a large popcorn and soda!

Rylie Holt