6 Tips to Make Your Small Business Stand Out from the Crowd

Pop-up booths, flash sales, email marketing, social media management, or partnering with an influencer. These are just some of the many ways to market a business and convert efforts into sales. But with tons of competition out there, every business owner’s eyes should focus on the prize, and that is making the brand stand out. 

Nowadays, it is easy for businesses to claim anything to catch the buyer’s interest. But it’s difficult to achieve a kind of branding that will help customers to differentiate a name among the rest. 

It is not enough to have a promising product, a strategic location, and competitive prices. Every business should have its unique selling point that the customers will rave about. In this article, read about some tips on how to make a small business stand out from the crowd.

Win in the Customer-Service Department

A recent study shows that about 76 percent of customers say they can see a company’s competence through the quality of customer service offered. So regardless if the business operates in a physical store or an e-commerce platform, having exceptional customer service is a must to earn the trust and loyalty of buyers. 

Delivering excellent customer service does not only mean embodying the old saying that “the customer is always right.” Excellent customer service should reflect on the following factors, whether it’s face-to-face or online support:

  • Responsiveness
  • Knowledge about the product
  • Taking full responsibility
  • Listening skills
  • Patience
  • Willingness to go the extra mile

Packaging Is Everything

Aside from protecting a product from possible damage, the packaging is also the life of a product. A pleasant representation translates into better quality. Studies show that merchandise with eye-catching packaging has better chances of being purchased, as compared to items in a standard box. 

Choosing the right packaging sets your product apart from its competitors. With a customized and stylish box, there is also a better chance that your product will land on the consumer’s social media feed. This means exposure to his/her network, which may be interested in your product. 

Be Honest and Transparent

Businesses that lie their way up to success only happen in movies and television series. In real life, customers can sense honesty and sincerity. There is no harm in being transparent with customers. If there’s a delay in delivery, mix-up in orders, or any other circumstance, find a way to be politely straightforward rather than throwing excuses here and there. 

Lying to customers is not only embarrassing but will also taint a company’s reputation and credibility, eventually pulling the business down. Customers respect companies that own up mistakes, are honest about it, and offer solutions right away. 

Offer a Guarantee, and Commit to It

Another excellent way to earn the trust of customers is by offering a guarantee. This kind of assurance shows how the company values the customer’s satisfaction. Just make sure to commit to the offer fully if a customer tests its legitimacy.

Providing a promising guarantee also eases the customer’s fear of trying out a product or service for the first time. The feeling of security eliminates hesitation among buyers, which may eventually lead to more sales. 

Always Offer Something New

No matter how successful the business is, continue to reinvent the products by incorporating innovations and trends, but don’t just follow the trend. Be the one who sets the direction in the industry. Invest in research and new technologies that will help the business be on top of the game.

Be a Business with a Cause

Embrace corporate social responsibility by being the company that cares. But first and foremost, do not force it just for the sake of being a social business. Find a purpose, combine it with the company’s expertise, and give back wholeheartedly. 

Partnering with a nonprofit company or cause is a great way to establish branding while doing something right. Find causes that reflect the values of the company, and create programs with a win-win result. 

Do this with utmost sincerity, and see its dramatic change in the company. People will now buy the product not just because they need and want it, but also because they want to be a part of the positive impact of your advocacy.

Blog Your Way to Success

Every business nowadays is on social media and e-commerce platforms, standing out by taking advantage of the benefits of blogging for business. Blogging with quality content and powerful SEO (search engine optimization) in mind gives businesses an edge, among others.

Focus on producing content that will hook people to your brand or services. Brainstorm the type of content that will interest not just target buyers but also the ones who represent the company’s purpose. Blog entries should be informative, catchy, and decently persuasive to turn readers into buyers.  

You have the option to write the content, encourage employees to contribute, or hire writers who can finish the job right away. 


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