6 Ways a Mindmap Can Help in Blogging

Do you want to be a more effective blogger? When you’re writing an article, it can be helpful to use mindmap as a tool for brainstorming ideas and structuring your content. Whether you’re working on a 500-word blog post or a full-length novel, mind mapping is a valuable tool that can keep your writing from deteriorating into disorganization. If you aren’t familiar with them, read how they can help make your blogging more streamlined and efficient.

A Mind Map Can Give You Multiple Entry Points To Your Content



Once you’ve got the topic of your article in the center of the page, it’s easy to write about related side points by each one on its branch. You can go off on tangents about related discussion topics, but you still have the main issue at the center to come back to.

A Mind Map Can Eliminate Writer’s Block



If your mind feels like it’s drawing a blank, start writing anything that pops into your head using one of the branches in your mindmap online. Each branch has its topic, so pick one and see where it takes you. Once you find some inspiration, come back to the map and make up for any time which you’ve wasted by adding more content next time around. If you need a mind map creator, indeed, Venngage can help you.

A Mind Map Is The Perfect Brainstorming Tool

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As stated before, when creating a mindmap in Venngage, all you need to do is brainstorm any idea that pops into your head and then use Venngage’s tagging feature to organize them. Venngage also has a library of premade branches you can choose from, so you don’t even need to think of what kind of branch to use. It is helpful for writers who work best with structure because the mind map will automatically create sub-branches as soon as they are needed.

A Mind Map Offers Flexibility With Your Writing Style

When brainstorming, it’s easy to try out different writing styles like an academic paper or a report since you can always go back and switch things around later on if necessary. Venngage lets you duplicate branches too, which means that if every instance of “scientific journal writing” is too formal for your needs, you can copy it and then write the rest of your post more casually. Try out Venngage mind mapping tools. It is all for free.

An Interactive Mind Map Is The Perfect Way To Make It Clear How Your Ideas Develop Over Time

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A Venngage mind mapping is working as a writing tool. It’s also an excellent visual aid that shows precisely how each branch is related to one another. If you’re talking about progressive changes over time, Venngage gives readers an easy way to see these connections by simply clicking on any branch they want. Venngage can create arrows automatically, so viewers can understand how each point relates to its neighbor without reading anything!

A Mind Map Can Be Used As A Web Behind Your Content

Every Venngage map has a button that lets you create a static representation of your mind map. You can then insert it into your blog post as code, which will allow website visitors to explore Venngage and even contribute their ideas to your writing process. Venngage is also great for social media because its embedded maps provide your audience with content they can interact with and share!

Venngage for Blog Writing

So now that we know why Venngage is so fantastic for writers, go ahead and try it out. Their mind map maker is free. It’s free to use, and its features are only limited by the amount of time you explore them. Plugin your idea or two and see what happens. There is a mind map online and Venngage offers a variety of mind map free of charge. 

Rylie Holt