7 Tips on How to Pack and Ship Gifts

Poor, unattractive packaging devalues your gift (sorry, the truth hurts) and doesn’t express your thoughts for the person.

A poorly packaged gift may get broken during shipping. While you can claim damaged items from the shipping company, the compensation does not carry the same sentimental value as the gift. Besides, you may get compensation much later when it doesn’t make sense anymore. 

Are you wondering how to package and ship your gifts to your loved ones? Read on to find out how. 

1. Appropriate Packaging

While purchasing the gift, also buy the box or envelope to present your gift. You’ll need several packaging materials- an inner box that contains the gift and an external one that you’ll place the wrapped gift. 

The material has to be durable to withstand the challenges of shipping. 

Picking the right size of the box is essential. Why? An extra big box or envelope will leave spaces making the items toss from side to side, resulting in damage. A small box will not give you room for enough cushioning.

Padded Mailers are an excellent way to package small items. They protect your gift from shock when the gift falls. 

A gift is usually handled many times by different people from the moment it’s received at the mail company to processing for delivery to loading in the truck, ship, or plane and finally it gets to you. 

The padded envelopes are ideal for a range of gifts such as a handmade Christmas card, phone, book, jewelry, or any other you might prefer; the list is endless. Whether it is just a Christmas card or a fragile item, a padded envelope will cater to your needs.

2. Sufficient Cushion

Cushioning helps to prevent or minimize damage. Fragile gifts like those made of glass or baked items like cookies and cakes need proper cushioning. 

You can use readily available materials like crinkle-cut paper shreds, tissue, old newspaper, or bubble wrap to give your gift protection. 

Be sure to put several layers of cushioning, at least two inches will be safe. As you wrap the gift,  pay extra attention to the shape and breaking points. 

Staff tissue paper in hollow items to cushion it more. 

Be careful also not to overdo the cushioning as it might increase the final weight of the parcel and cost you more to ship.

Save yourself the hustle of cushioning by using ready-made packaging materials like padded envelopes that are sturdy, and have a bubble cushion lining. 

Padded envelopes come in different sizes and varieties. Lightly padded ones can do well with cards and letters, while the heavily padded ones are ideal for fragile items.

Use waterproofed padded envelopes to secure your gift. Their lightweight will save you a few bucks in shipping charges.

3. Separate Wrapping

If you’re sending more than one item as a gift, it’s best to wrap each item separately. 

For example, for a set of coffee mugs each mug is wrapped individually while for a cooking pot with a lid, you cover the pot alone then wrap the lid separately to prevent them from rubbing against each other during shipping.

4. Waterproof Packaging

Your good intentions might be cut short by the weather. Rain or snow might ruin your packaging and damage the gift. 

It’s better to be cautious by using a watertight packaging than have your surprise and moods ruined. 

Use a waterproof material as the final layer of cushioning. Place your wrapped gift inside a polythene paper then place it inside another box or use a padded envelope that is waterproofed. 

5. Sealing 

Sealing is a significant step. Use an appropriate tape so that it holds firmly till your gift arrives. Be sure to follow the guidelines of the mailing company you’ll use on sealing a box or envelope. 

Some tapes might cause your gift to get stuck on machines causing damage to your gift.  A three-inch tape or string ribbon will suffice.

6. Labeling

Label both the outer box and the inner packaging so that peradventure the outer packaging gets ruined because of weather, the gift will still be delivered. 

You will save yourself a lot if the labeling sticker is waterproof and durable. 

Always indicate if the gift is fragile, perishable, or if it should be carried upright (put arrows to show the side up).

7. Timely Shipping

Ship early when the agents are not extremely busy. Late shipping increases the chances of your gift breaking because the mail companies are working under pressure with countless parcels to deliver round the clock. 

How unpleasant would it be if a cake you spent hours baking and decorating arrived crumbled?

Observe the shipping deadlines if you want your gift to arrive in time for Christmas and New year’s eve. Mailing companies have laid down clear deadlines; you can check the exact dates on their websites to avoid rush hour.


Rylie Holt