An Ideal Work-From-Home Area Exists and Here is How to Set It

During the pandemic and probably well after that, a lot of people will be working outside their offices. A well-equipped workplace that promotes productivity and well-being is a dream for everyone. Do you know how to set up an ideal workspace at home?

Working from home is a great way to get the freedom to be your own boss and stay close to your family. Nonetheless, many workers are working out of their homes for the first time.

Without proper work organization at home, employees will experience not only discomfort but musculoskeletal disorders as well.

How Do I Create a Comfortable Work Environment at Home?

Setting up a home office is a challenge that requires some planning, effort and investment. There are various ergonomic solutions to choose from in Canada for your workplace.

Since many workers spend most of their day sitting in front of the screens, it is crucial to invest in an ergonomic work environment.

Does a Home Office Have to Be a Separate Room?

A short-term home office does not necessarily need a separate room. Nevertheless, if you plan to work remotely for an extended period of time, it should be a separate area.

Considering that most people do not have much free space, you can convert a guest-room into a dual-use place.

How to Set an Ideal Work-From-Home Area Guide

  • Choose a dedicated space.
  • Provide your future home office with a height-adjustable desk with a keyboard & mouse platform tray. Such a desk will not only burn calories but have a huge impact on the overall state of your health.
  • Get a big monitor. Keep your eyes 25-30% below the top of the screen. This will help you avoid injuries and maintain your shoulders level. You can also use a monitor riser to attain the required height.
  • Buy an adjustable professional office chair. It provides good lumbar support for the bottom part of the back. Furthermore, it usually has the armrests, allowing your arms to remain in the right position.
  • Provide access to natural light and equip a desktop with a good lamp.
  • Make sure that you have a high-speed Internet connection to give a timely response when required.
  • Get noise-cancelling headphones and a microphone to join conference calls with less noise in the background.
  • Buy a multifunction printer/scanner/fax if necessary.
  • Consider a footrest to increase comfort.

Should My Desk Face the Window for Maximum Productivity?

Each direction (toward the door, the window, the wall) has its advantages and disadvantages. It would be best if you first analyzed the factors, allowing you to work more effectively.

Some people consider that the desk’s directness towards the wall limits distractions in the form of window gazing.

The desk’s directness away from the wall encourages conversations and gives a feeling of openness.

If you are not worried about distractions and cannot stand looking at the same picture every day, you should put your desk to face the window. This location encourages inspiration and allows you to take a break from operational processes.

You can set a home office anywhere you want. The options are only limited by your space, budget, and imagination.



Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.

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