An Inside Look at 2023’s Athleisure Trends

Athleisure clothing only improves as time passes, especially as more people experience its many benefits. The styles are fun yet comfortable, and it is easy to wear them in various casual situations without feeling like you do not look put together. So, let’s explore 2023 athleisure trends that are as beautiful as flattering.

Biker shorts

Biker shorts have been a hot trending item for a while, a resurgence of the clothing trend from the 80s. This popular athleisure item comes in many colors, allowing you to pair them with tops in complementary hues. 

You can wear them as they are with items like t-shirts, tank tops, sports bras, crop tops, or a blank Bella+Canvas unisex raw seam crew pullover. You can also wear them under clothing ranging from maxi skirts to baggy sweatpants. 

Before leaving the house, check that the skin-tight shorts are not see-through, especially in the daytime. Some shorts may seem opaque, but when you step outside in the sun, it is different. Do a check on your own, but getting a second opinion from a trusted individual can also be a good idea. Expect to see biker shorts more often–as you probably guessed–once the warmer weather approaches in spring and summer.

Strategic cutouts

Strategic cutouts are an excellent option for sporting peek-a-boo detailing comfortably. For example, there are leggings with small cutouts at the ankles or down the sides of each leg. These cutouts can add cute detailing in a subtle (or not-so-subtle) manner, transforming simple athleisure clothing into an outfit that is a little more daring yet still low-key.

Secondhand athleisure clothing

Anyone who loves fashion knows there has been a considerable push to transform the industry into one that shows more care for our planet. As a result, there has been a boost in shoppers finding joy in secondhand shopping, thereby keeping many clothing pieces from ending up in the garbage.

Secondhand shopping is an affordable, cost-cutting option to paying retail while still getting trendy, well-made pieces. In some cases, the tags are still on the clothing, indicating the items were likely never worn. However, before buying any secondhand athleisure clothing, thoroughly inspect it to ensure there are no rips, stains, frayed seams, misspelled wording, or anything else you would not be able to fix quickly.

Flared yoga pants/leggings

Flared yoga pants and leggings are another athleisure trend that has been a massive part of 2023. Although in the 00s they were going by “yoga pants,” nowadays they either go by yoga pants or flared leggings depending on the company selling them and the shoppers buying them.

The cute flare at the bottom offers a different look than the straight-leg varieties that have been popular for years. However, like with the biker shorts mentioned, you should check that the pants are not see-through before you go outdoors.

Consider today’s styles to have much of the classic look as before but revamped in specific ways, such as using more durable material. There is no doubt that fashion is constantly evolving and changing, and it is no different regarding the quality of materials used to make flared yoga pants and leggings. 

Workout dresses

Workout dresses are no longer just for sporting on tennis courts. These sweet, sassy athleisure options are showing up in force in 2023 as they have within the past year or two. You will likely see them even more once the warm weather starts again. Some even have much-loved pockets, making it easy to keep small items on your person without it looking obvious that you are carrying anything.

From the “skort” (skirt and shorts) combo to the flattering silhouette, there is a lot to love about workout dresses (a.k.a. exercise dresses). This athleisure clothing can be a comfortable addition to your wardrobe when temperatures start rising and you want to wear a comfortable outfit that will also help keep you cool.

One of the most significant benefits is that it is an entire outfit. Throw on complementary footwear, like street sneakers, wedges, or sandals, and you are ready to go. Like many athleisure wear pieces, you can sport them in many situations other than just for working out. 

Wear them to the beach while grabbing an iced coffee in the sultry summer heat, to a backyard barbecue, or while dining outside in a casual setting.  

Matching sets and one-piece outfits

Matching athleisure sets have been going strong for a while, but in 2023, expect to see more one-piece outfits like jumpsuits. 

Many styles of matching athleisure wear sets are available, and they usually consist of the same material and color on the top and bottom. Some general types include a cropped top and relaxed-fit pants, a long-sleeve top and shorts, and a long-sleeve top and joggers. 

One-piece outfits are the same color from head to toe. The top half can have sleeve lengths ranging from spaghetti straps to 3/4 sleeves to long sleeves, while the bottom half can vary in fit from skin-tight to wide-leg.

Like dresses, the sets and one-piece outfits are easy to wear. They look just as fashionable on their own as they do with extra clothing or accessories, making them a must-have for quickly getting ready in the morning. If you get chilly or want to revamp the look, putting on another item, such as a denim jacket, is simple. 

Some matching sets and one-piece ensembles are skin-tight, while others have a roomier fit, so it is up to you which option makes you feel more comfortable. There are certainly a plethora of different styles (and colors) from which you can choose. Depending on the style, you can wear a bomber jacket and sneakers during the day and gold jewelry and strappy gold heels for the evening.

Some also come with the fantastic feature of pockets. But, once again, it is worth the reminder to check that the fabric is not see-through, regardless of whether you wear the skin-tight or roomier style.

Let comfort reign in 2023 with the previously mentioned athleisure trends or others you love. Of course, you cannot help but appreciate looking fashionable while being comfortable. Now more than ever, many fashion-forward athleisure styles simplify putting together a fabulous outfit.


Rylie Holt