ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) Practice Test

ASVAB is an acronym for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery which is a world-recognized multiple aptitude test battery. It is an aptitude that measures your strength, weakness, and knowledge to be successful in the future. This test is given at more than 14000 schools and Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) across the nation. It provides you career information and helps to check your knowledge which you will apply in the near future and also indicates how successful you will become in the career.

Exam details of ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) Test

  • Test time for this exam is 134 minutes
  • The administrative time for the test is 46 minutes
  • The total time allocated for this test is 180 minutes
  • Total number of items is 200

How to prepare for ASVAB Exam

  • Take substantial core courses in Arithmetic Reasoning, Paragraph Comprehension, Word Knowledge, and Mathematics Knowledge.
  • You should practice the technical course which will help you to perform better in Auto information, Electronics information, Shop information, and Mechanical Comprehension subtests.
  • Take a simple question and give lots of practice tests to freshen up your skills and know your preparation status.
  • Practice tests will help you to focus on your weak areas, and you devote more time to that particular subject.
  • Get familiar with the contents of ASVAB subtests and practice by that.
  • Decide what you are going to take: a paper and pencil (P&P) ASVAB or CAT-ASVAB because the optimal test-taking strategies vary in the two versions.
  • You can take a practice test from the sample questions available on the official website of ASVAB.

Tips to take P&P ASVAB

  • Read the questions carefully and then answers the questions you know well, do not answer you are not confident about. First, answer the questions you know and then in the remaining time give the answers to the skipped ones.
  • Answer all the question and guess the questions you are not sure about because there is no penalty for guessing and there is always a chance that your answer will be right you will get credit for that.
  • Revise and review your answers if you have time left as this will help you spot the silly mistakes, and you can make the corrections.
  • Be sure to select one response per item on your answer and adequately erase the incorrect answer.

Tips for CAT-ASVAB

If you are deciding to take CAT-ASVAB, and then get familiar with CAT –ASVAB working strategies as this will help you to prepare adequately for the CAT-ASVAB exam.

Go through the instructions very carefully and review it many times before taking the test. Reviewing the instruction carefully will, of course, help you, and there is less chance of making any uncorrectable mistake.

Be conscious while selecting the response, and select the one you want to because once you have chosen the one, you are not allowed to return to the question you have already answered. If there is a shortage of time, then try to answer you know rather than giving the random response because there is a penalty for several incorrect answers in subtests for CAT-ASVAB.

General Tips to follow for ASVAB Test

Prepare in advance

If you are decided your goal and want to take ASVAB test in future, and then start preparing yourself in advance as preparing in advance will increase your chances to qualify in the test. To avoid last minute rush; make yourself ready to take the test few days before the exam.

Select quality study materials

Select quality study materials to prepare for the test as study material helps you to prepare wisely for the actual exam. The actual exam designs the excellent study materials.

Take plenty of practice tests

Take a practice test from the well-known sources like to check your ability on performing in the actual exam. Always practice from the official sites because these sites have right quality questions and you can track your weak and strong areas.

Track you watch

Time management is very crucial while giving the ASVAB test. Do not give too much time to a particular question, this will kill your time, and you won’t be able to devote sufficient time to the remaining question. So, manage your time effectively.

Take adequate rest night before the exam

Taking plenty of rest will relax your brain and you will able to give your best in the ASVAB test. To avoid the stress give proper rest to your mind and body. Most of the candidates take stress before the exam night and this result in the bad performance during the exam.

Where to take ASVAB test

If you have decided to take ASVAB test to apply for the military, then you need to contact a military recruiter. You can find a military recruiter near you by visiting the website and click on “Request more info.” If your eligibility criteria match with ASVAB test and they found you to be otherwise qualified, they will allow you a time for you to take ASVAB test to your nearest Military Entrance Processing Stations or an affiliate Military Entrance Test (MET) sites.

Lesson Summary

To perform your best in the ASVAB test, start preparing with the competitive edge by taking study courses from the best sources available and also give practice tests to measure your skills. These courses are designed to improve your score so that you can perform well in the exam. After getting a good score, your chances of selection become more prominent. Give your ASVAB exam with full preparation and get an excellent score. Best of Luck!



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