Avoid These Common Problems By Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaner

New carpets look stunning and feel soft underfoot, and they can bring a room to life. After a few years of wear, however, carpets can develop a patchy, dull appearance and are difficult to revive. Even specialist vacuum cleaners are only designed to remove dust, debris and particles of dirt in the top layer of the fabric and cannot reach deeper to extract grease and ground-in stains. Choosing to take on the task of restoring a carpet or carrying out a deep clean yourself can seem like a great idea, but cleaning these delicate items successfully is a skilled task.

For the best chance of getting that new carpet look, feel and smell, it pays to call in the professionals. Their expertise can guarantee you get the result you want and will help you to avoid a range of easily made yet costly mistakes.

Using The Wrong Product To Remove A Stain

Some stains are permanent, but it is also possible that the wrong type of stain removal product is being used. Professionals know whether to apply a solvent-based cleaner or a water-based solution depending on the type of stain. They have enzyme solutions and dry solvent cleaners to lift away stains that would otherwise leave behind an unpleasant smell or a conspicuous smudge. These specialist products allow them to successfully remove even tricky marks caused by wine, nail varnish and paint. Remember that many stains become ingrained quickly, so act fast if you want to be sure of having them removed. 

Pouring On Too Much Cleaning Solution

Professional carpet cleaners will use fluids as part of the cleansing process, but they will never soak a carpet. For every pass that is made using liquid cleaners, another is made to dry the treated area. Without that pattern, a carpet can soon become over-wet and shrink. Once that happens, you’ll need to buy a new one. Similarly, introducing too much liquid to a carpet can damage the underlay and leave odors smelling even worse than before

Having To Replace A Carpet

Mistakes happen, but if you are the one responsible, paying for a new carpet and underlay can be expensive. By hiring a professional, you pass that responsibility to them. Next Insurance provides specialist cover for carpet cleaning business owners with policies that can be arranged within a few minutes online. Their printable certificates confirm that a carpet cleaner is covered for any damage or accidents that may happen while they are in a client’s home. 

Stain Removers May Cause Visible Damage

Some types of carpet are not designed for cleaning at home and should always be treated by professionals. They include natural materials such as coir, seagrass and sisal. A trained carpet cleaner will be very cautious when removing stains from this type of material, as the entire look of the carpet or rug can be altered afterwards. Even standard carpets can be ruined by the use of harsh cleaning products, as many contain a bleaching agent. If you are not careful, a stain remover will strip away the color of your carpet as well as the stain.

Rough Treatment May Cause Damage

A professional carpet cleaner will have the right products for the job and will be gentle with the fibers of your carpet. Getting frustrated with a stain that just won’t shift is all too easy, but if you scrub too hard, the affected area will look different to the rest of the carpet, even when it dries out. This is because the fibers have been broken down by the rubbing action. It’s mainly a problem for people with carpets made from a wool mix or 100% wool.

Dirt In Busy Areas Aill Not Budge

A carpet cleaning business uses very high-powered equipment compared to the machines we use at home. That means they can deal with heavily soiled areas swiftly. Moreover, a trained eye is more likely to spot a carpet that is simply worn, rather than dirty. There are ways to protect a carpet from wear, but once formed, these grey, threadbare areas can never be improved as the fabric has lost its original color.  

Think Of Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaner As An Investment

Doing the job yourself may be cheaper, but it’s important to consider the benefits of hiring a professional. For visibly great results that bring your carpet back to its former glory, with no risk of damaging your carpet, get in touch with your local carpet cleaner.

Rylie Holt