You Track Your Business KPIs, Why Not Your Fitness Goals?

When it comes to wearable technology, fitness trackers, activity trackers, or fitness bands have been gaining popularity since 2013. With a steady increase in focus on fitness activity and health, fitness tracking devices will be leading the consumer electronics pack for a long time.

So what is the best fitness band out there for busy entrepreneurs? People usually start rattling off names of the top fitness trackers like Jawbone, Misfit, Garmin, and of course, Fitbit.

The name Fitbit has gained a reputation for producing the top fitness trackers. There’s the Fitbit Surge, Fitbit Force, Fitbit Charge, and the most recent Fitbit Charge HR.

Whether you’re a beginner or part of a community, the FitBit Charge HR is definitely one of the best fitness trackers there is, and one of those nearing a hundred percent accuracy at counting steps and calories.


The Fitbit Charge HR features a sleek and sophisticated unisex design capable of blending in with work clothes and casual clothes. More so because this fitness band was designed to be discreet, where the color of the band will always match the color of its screen, and the screen being roughly the size of your fingernail. Unlike its predecessor the Fitbit Force, the Fitbit Charge HR has a softer and texturized rubber design. It is available in a range of colors: plum, tangerine, blue, and black, and comes in three different sizes.



The Fitbit Charge HR features a monochrome OLED screen, for your daily stats, and caller ID for pairing with your phone. It will vibrate when someone is calling you, and that someone’s name will appear on the screen.

More features include continuous heart monitoring (for both resting and active rate) and an activated sleep tracker: Yes, it does monitor your sleep at night, and like a charm, the Fitbit Charge HR will automatically go on sleep mode judging by your movements and heart rate data. The graph shows a blue block as you are sleeping, and is marked by lines for your tossing and turning. It also features vibrating alarms which you can set to wake you up.

This fitness device is also 1ATM water-resistant, which means it’s ok for use in the shower. For swimming in the pool, just take it out.

This Fitbit tracker is not only built to record movements and health patterns the entire day and night. So all in all, this fitness band records the time, the daily steps total, flight climbed, calories burned, and your heart rate.

You won’t have pairing problems with this one, so you can sync your stats wirelessly to your cellphone or computer, and all the recorded information provides accurate feedback on your activity and caloric burn, making it easier for you to maximize your workouts. It is also a source of comfort knowing that Fitbit has the most user-friendly software, and has access to the most polished ecosystems around.

One trick to help with the accuracy of your fitbit activity tracker is to make sure to choose which wrist is the dominant and the non-dominant one, and let Fitbit’s fitness tracker app know that. Also, get the stride-length sorted according to your height and gender.


Battery Life and Charging

The Fitbit Charge HR also boasts of its heavy-duty battery life that goes on for 5 days, outlasting some of the best fitness bands in the market. To charge it is very easy, the cable magnetically hooks itself into the back of the device.


No GPS? No Problem

With all its wonderful features, this is one of the more advanced fitness devices with no GPS built into it. And you don’t have to challenge it since it won’t even attempt to guess distances. Professional runners should be aware of this feature.

In place of that, the Fitbit HR befriends gym and sports enthusiasts, giving spot-on details of a work out via the optical heart rate monitor. The bright LED light of this fitness monitor will show the blood pulsating through your wrist. Tag the activity you are doing through the app– weights, spinning, hockey, football, dancing, etc.



As with all fitness gadgets, proper maintenance is key. This specific fitness tracker is meant to be worn all day and night, so keep the band clean to avoid skin irritation. Rinse the fit band in water or wipe it with a small amount of alcohol. If you must use soap to remove residue build-up, use something like Cetaphil. And make sure to wait till it dries before using it.

There is more to be learned about the Fitbit Charge HR that will only strengthen its place in the lead of the best activity trackers out there. The popularity of fitness wearables of this kind hold open the doors for the possibility of tracking stress, mental health, and happiness in the future.

Health-focused wearable technology is poised to be the norm in just a few years’ time. And soon enough the wearables will be capable of as much insight as the data they hold.

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