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A Day In The Life…Of Me

Phew! Im completely wacked out. Today like many of the days recently has been a killer, full of working and activity and non-stop thinking. That’s why I thought I should blog about a day in the life of me just so you could see my busy schedule and how hard it is to fit anything […]

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Update – 26.10.06

Wow, where does all the time go? After my great Eid celebrations I havn’t posted here on Blogtrepreneur even though I’ve been meaning to. So now here goes for a little update on what’s going on behind the scenes. On Monday I went visiting my grandparents for the festival and the day after that I […]

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Business Loyalty is a Mind Game

This morning I received a very interesting email from one of this blog’s readers by a person named Syia who has her own blog at I have been communicating with her for a week now, and she promised that she would write a guest post for me. While I didn’t think the post itself […]

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Freshly Squeezed Blog Juice Anyone?

Whilst talking to Patrick Gavin (owner of TLA) yesterday, he mentioned a cool little tool which his company had just released for all publishers and indeed for all bloggers in the blogosphere. It’s called the Blog Juice Calculator and it basically calculates the popularity of your blog compared to other major weblogs in your niche […]

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