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Turning a Brand into A Lovemark

You see them everyday – Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Lambourghinis and Rolexes. But these different products and brands no doubt invoke a different emotion than the “I want it” syndrome. For me they bring about a feeling of love, of warmth and of affection. These lovemarks are a company’s dream and most spend millions of dollars […]

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What Types Of Organisation Are There?

As entrepreneurs, many of us will or already have started up a business. Like me, this business could be a number of relatively small internet sites or it could range to a full-fledged retail outlet. Either way there are different organisations which you can choose to take the form of which may help or hinder […]

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Preparing For Christmas

So Christmas is fast approaching. By my calculations I make it exactly 1 month to this day! The festivites have already begun around me on the net and in my everyday life. This weekend Im helping my mum at 2 Christmas Parties at local schools. My Mum is a jewellery saleswoman and is a bit […]

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You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

On the web its important to be different. So important in fact that your livelihood hangs in the balance over it. Whether its a brand new internet auction site, or a fantastic unheard of niche that has a market craving for it, unless you’ve got a different way to lure in a fresh audience then […]

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