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5 Tools to Automate Your Blog in 2018

Successful bloggers focus on their sites full-time. They realize that there are many things that they need to accomplish to grow their traffic and revenue, including researching post ideas, handling outreach and building backlinks. At the same time, they don’t just work hard. They use all tools at their disposal to automate as many tasks […]

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Negative Critics Against Bitmain’s AntMiner B3 Mining Machine’s Performance

Bitmain is the largest manufacturer of Bitcoin miner software. The company has had trusted reputation, but this should last after critics stormed Bitcoin community forums criticizing the latest mining equipment, AntMiner B3. The mining machine was introduced after the Blockchain and artificial Intelligence Summit forum in Hangzhou, early April 2018. B3 Miner was rolled out […]

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Tips To Improve Writing Skills

In order to succeed in the business of online content marketing, you must have excellent writing skills. However, these skills are to be inculcated by the help of well-planned strategies. These are some of the steps that shall help you improve your writing skills. Don’t Get Distracted An ordinary human brain takes almost 15 minutes to refocus […]

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How to Afford Travel After College

It’s no secret that getting a college education is an incredibly expensive endeavour. Unfortunately the majority of people who undertake college studies find themselves with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt upon completion. With that said, even going on to live a regular life post college can seem like an unattainable luxury, nevermind traveling […]

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