Boost your confidence at work with these 4 helpful tips

We’d all appreciate a little confidence boost now and again. Sadly, when we’re at work it’s all too easy to retreat back into our shells and count down the minutes until we can log off again. Sometimes we’re worried we don’t fit in, others experience a daily struggle with imposter syndrome, some are self-conscious or worried that they’ll be laughed at. Whatever the reasoning behind your low self-esteem, you don’t have to live with it. Especially if it’s holding you back in terms of success and contentment.

When we’re confident, we’re happier and more willing to take on new challenges and responsibilities. Maybe you’re worried about taking on a promotion or perhaps you’re nervous about how you’ll cope in that meeting where you have to present next month. Take a deep breath and discover some simple ways you can boost your confidence at work, with these 4 helpful tips. 

Update your eyewear

When we look good, we feel good. And sometimes a little boost in the wardrobe department can help us stand a little taller and turn heads for all the right reasons. But don’t worry, you won’t have to update your entire wardrobe, simply start with your eyewear. Stunning frames complete with these transition lenses will certainly give you a confidence boost. Effortlessly transitioning from dark to light as your lighting environment changes, transition lenses are the perfect eyewear solution for those hoping to combine practicality and style. No more scrabbling around for your sunglasses or trying to find your blue light blocking lenses, transitions can tick all the boxes giving you confidence and protection from UV and bright light. 

Of course, you’ll find transition lenses are available in a wide range of beautiful styles, colors and frame shapes. This means whether you’re looking for something elegant and timeless or something a little more colorful and modern, you can have the best of both worlds and enjoy a much-needed confidence lift. Not a fan of wearing eyeglasses? Don’t worry, you can still up your eye game with colored contact lenses from Just make sure you are not violating your company’s dress code should there be one.

Boost your knowledge 

Power and knowledge equal confidence. So if you’re someone who feels as though they’re lagging behind their colleagues or your confidence has been knocked due to a lack of understanding then it can be easily fixed! Enhancing the knowledge of your role, your industry and even the practices and processes of the company you work for will certainly improve your self-belief and place you in a stronger position. 

Push past your comfort zone

If you’re someone who is perhaps a little too shy to speak up in meetings, or you’d rather ask a certain colleague for help than someone else, then pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will boost your confidence. Setting small, achievable goals will help you to participate more in your daily role and feel a sense of inclusion and confidence! Give it a try.

And finally, positive thinking

You were employed because your boss recognized your potential. You have the skills needed to complete your job and progress in your career. You didn’t just walk in off the street and start working at your desk. Practice positive thinking and remind yourself that you are capable, intelligent and skillful. It’ll work wonders for your confidence.  

Rylie Holt