Capabilities of Time Clock Software

Paper punch cards are going extinct for a reason—they’re outdated and inefficient. Employee time clock software is taking over as the norm for time tracking in the 21st century, but while it might have started as a better way to record employees’ hours on the clock, it’s quickly evolving into a versatile tool that goes far beyond the process of clocking in and out. Keep reading to find out just how much time clock software can do for you. 

Covering the Basics: What Is Time Clock Software?

Before we get into the wide range of capabilities that accompany time clock software, let’s review what time clock software actually is. Basically, employee time clock software is a web-based platform that digitalizes the time clock, as well as employee time cards and timesheets. Using cloud-based technology, time clock software enables employees to clock in and out of shifts through any Internet-connected device. (This means that time clock software doesn’t require you to buy or install any new equipment!)

Not only does time clock software streamline clocking in and out, but it also improves the accuracy of timesheets and can help minimize time theft. It all starts with each employee having an account and a corresponding portal that they’ll log in and out of before and after every shift. Most time clock software providers have a few different login options, the most common being a username and password combination. Other options include scannable QR codes and even facial recognition. 

More Than Timekeeping

While the primary purpose of time clock software is, of course, tracking employee time, the software has evolved into an online tool that allows you to do much, much more. From additional features to more in-depth data, time clock software can upgrade your business in more ways than one. 


Because scheduling and timekeeping are so closely related, most time clock software providers have incorporated some kind of scheduling tool into the services that they offer. Like virtual time tracking, online scheduling is just faster and easier than doing it manually. Drag-and-drop functionality, color-coding, and copy and paste make building schedules less of a hassle, and the ability to publish and share your schedules in just a few clicks ensures that all of your employees always have the most up-to-date version of the schedule. You can also use scheduling software to send out notifications to your employees when a new schedule has been published or an existing one has been updated. 

Because most software providers have mobile apps, your employees will be able to check their schedules on-to-go using their smartphone.


Individual online tools can make work life a lot easier, but integration can take this convenience to a whole new level. By integrating your time clock software with other applications like your payroll software, you can cut down on errors and speed up time-consuming administrative taskwork. Not only can this make your life easier, but it can also save you money. 

GPS Tracking

If your business has multiple locations or rotating job sites, GPS tracking is a time clock feature that might be of particular interest to you—you’ll never have to wonder if your employees are where they say they are ever again, and your employee won’t have to worry about getting lost or going to the wrong location. By finding a time clock software provider that offers GPS tracking, you’ll have the option to view all of your employees at once on a single dashboard or pull up GPS coordinates on an employee-by-employee basis. 

Job Codes

Multitasking is an important part of business, and as such, most employees are usually balancing a variety of responsibilities at any given time. With time clock software, you can use job codes to assign certain jobs or projects to an employee, whether it’s a task that should take up the entire shift or only part of one. Furthermore, employees will be able to log in and out of jobs so that you can see how much time is spent doing what and determine the best ways to budget your time. 

Get the Most Out of Your Time Clock Software

The days of punching in and out with a paper time card are over, and thanks to employee time clock software, we won’t be missing them. One of the most important things to remember about time clock software is that you’re not just making work life easier for yourself—you’re also making it easier for your employees. But if you’re only using your time clock software for timekeeping, you’re missing out on some of the other important benefits that come with the software. Take your business to the next level when you find a time clock software provider that offers a variety of services, and enjoy the savings that come with them.


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