COVID-19 for Ecommerce Startups: Here’s Everything It Means

Surviving the slump of COVID-19 has been difficult for most businesses in the past 6 months. Some organizations are working with half of their capacity and some are forced to shut some of their units. With everything being under the impact of the pandemic, stemming your loss is really difficult. But the black of swan of events hasn’t brought everything ugly with itself. It has opened great opportunities for those willing to take risks and find a silver lining in the cloud. The Ecommerce solution providers have seen an exponential rise in the demand and a major shift in how things work.

The outbreak of the pandemic has changed the way the world runs and now the majority of it is run with the small palm sized device.

With around 306 million people in America being forced to stay at home for their work, things have seen a turn of events. The novel Coronavirus has changed retailing, and its initial impact on eCommerce is creating challenges to selling or buying goods in a way that no one ever thought in the beginning of the year.

1. Time Saving and Efficiency Is Here to Stay Forever

Gradually in a few months, the stay-at-home orders will be lifted, but meanwhile, consumers out there will reinforce and create a new buying pattern and habit. In most households now online grocery, apparel, entertainment source, etc. have replaced the giant stores and malls, at least till a vaccine is introduced in the market.

Paradoxically this idea of lockdown and social distancing has added to severe lack of time. We have walked around eight months after the outbreak was first notified and people are still very reluctant to hit the market  for fear of falling sick. Now people in general are more comfortable staying at home and shop online. The Ecommerce solution developers now dedicate themselves in creating an ideal market condition to fast-track, test, and launch new experience-driven mobile applications, websites, and touchpoints across their platforms.

2. Customer Security and Friction Elimination

With the latest approaches of personalizing web content, offers, pricing, and other promotions, predictive analysis has become an important part of the research. The buying patterns and preferences are carefully studied and account control and security are being paid special attention. Customized security for all customers is important to manage the friction customers experience. The most reliable and proven way of doing so is expanding the data set used for defining and personalizing adaptive friction approaches in real-time.

An understanding of user type, device specifics, IP risk, geolocation, custom data, and more can be taken together to define a micro segmentation-based strategy. In this unprecedented time, technology has seen expansion like never before. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms have customized the way ecommerce works to another extent. This also categorizes customers according to the preferences making it easier for business to reach the targeted audience.

3. Capitalize on Cross Funnel of Digital PR

The experts of marketing framework would surely be aware of the marketing funnel. Sits at the top of the funnel is Awareness. Digital PR is a strong tool to spread awareness about your product and earn customer loyalty. With the world being forced to stay indoors, working on your website and optimizing it has become an important thing. The marketers are finding new ways to reach the audience with more creative content and better SEO practices. The traditional methods of marketing and PR building are seeing new dimensions and shades. With new advertisement strategies, better storyline, and customer assistance, digital PR has become the organization’s most sought after and rewarding strategy of reaching the target audience.

With various aspects of marketing funnel being looked after, it becomes easier for the brands to experiment and find better ways to win a loyal customer base.

4. Social Media Takes Charge of Reaching Somewhere Better

As people have more time to spend indoors they choose to spend the majority of their time scrolling their social media accounts. Selling on social media is one of the strongest impacts of the lockdown. Social media marketing was never so popular among Ecommerce stores as it is now. There was a time when these organizations traded simply on their names with mere involvement of social media. Now, as you scroll through your feeds you would surely find one or two businesses that are trying to spread awareness about their product.

As the majority of people spend a significant time of their day here, it is an easy and cheap way to target the audience and study their behaviors.

5. Extended Budgets for Better Functionalities and Customer Study

Most businesses have seen an increase in the budget assigned for their ecommerce project. They are coming up with solutions that are better organized and UI/UX is designed in a way that would earn them some benefits. These are technically sound solutions with predictive analysis being a part of the setup to study customer shopping behavior. Along with this, they include some advanced functionalities that make them a popular choice among their customers and also help them expand. Chatbot development service for Ecommerce has seen a great rise in the last few years.

Some of the popular trends are 3d trials, social media sharing, and forming shopping groups. Shopping groups help people at various locations get together and shop together.

This saves a lot of time and energy, and decision making is faster. With such advanced functionalities, making an impact in the market becomes a child’s play.

Winding the Story!

While it’s essential to perceive the vulnerabilities and fears encompassing COVID-19, don’t let this emergency incapacitate you. Reach to enterprise mobility services to empower your group to truly comprehend your clients and act dependent on convenient bits of knowledge is vital to explore your way through this emergency both for your showcasing group and your organization. With the outbreak of the global pandemic, we have landed in a world that is clearly not sure of how and when things would be normal. Amidst all this crisis, a lot of businesses decided to go online and sell their services and products in a more advanced way by reaching a larger target group.

To ensure you are hitting the digital domain with a rewarding solution that earns you great profits, you need to make sure that you have reached the experts to get an eCommerce solution that reflects.


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