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One Main Financial is not one of the many new kids on the block when it comes to lending. They have over 100+ years of existence in the lending business, and One Main Financial can solidly back up the claims that they are an established lending company. Generations have come and gone, but this company has remained illustrating their value by focusing on individuals with poor credit or no credit history, helping them to still find the loans they needed for homes, cars, college, and even starting businesses.

There are many different lending companies vying for the business of people who need to find good loans for people with bad credit, and there's a reason that One Main Financial is sticking out as one of the better lenders for these groups.

Company Location

There are 1300 branches so finding a local option is the desired option. There is a branch locator on the main website, which can be used to find the nearest branch location so you can plan on making an in-person visit with a banker to see what you can do.

The main office is located at 6801 Colwell Blvd. (Irving, Texas).

Speedy Online Application

If visiting a local branch isn't in your immediate future for whatever reason, you can always look online to see if you qualify for a poor credit loan. How quickly will your application be processed once you have gone through and filled out the form? It takes a few days and sometimes it is even faster than that. Yes, you will be able to get the funds in no time.

With One Main Financial bad credit options, you are going to be ready to go within days.

Tremendous Service

With One Main Financial bad credit loans, you will have one thing on your mind. You will want to know how their customer service is. Imagine calling in and being yelled at because your information is not sufficient.

It would be disconcerting, and this company understands that. They have some of the nicest representatives in the world, and that is a major positive, to say the least.

Low-Interest Rates

What about the interest rates on the loan? Isn't this what matters most?

The interest rates you are going to receive will be great. You are not going to be banging your head against the wall because the prices are competitive and fair. If there is one thing to take away from this One Main Financial review, it would have to be this.

When compared with all of the other leading companies in the area, you are not going to find one that is as good as this regarding the interest rate in many cases. While this doesn't mean you will get as good a rate as anyone with a good credit score (because you won't), you are likely to find better deals than what other places offer for bad credit scores.

Fixed Terms

Let's move on to the terms in this One Main Financial review. You want to look at the conditions because these are going to determine your experience with the company. The fixed terms are great because you will know what you are getting into right away.

You never want to go with those who have hidden clauses and are trying to trick you into signing up. One Main Financial does not do this at all.

Public Reviews

What does the public have to say about One Main Financial? Is it a reliable lending company or one that has started to dwindle as time has gone on? This is a great question to ask because there are many opinions out there about the company.

On Lending Tree, They have a 4/5 star rating, and this is continually growing. On Yelp, they have received a 5-star rating for their work. It is impressive to see how all of the branches receive similar reviews regardless of where they are located. The fact there are positive ratings in more than one review site creates a much larger level of trust than any testimonials page ever could. There's a reason they have gained their reputation as a good bad credit lender.

This diversity is perfect for the brand and what it can offer.

Concluding Thoughts

This One Main Financial review should make it clear that as a lending company, you are not going to find anyone better. This is a well-established option that is only getting better with time. Why apply to those who are not good enough?

If you want to go with a responsible group that provides great customer service, you will choose this company.

Visit a local branch as soon as you can or apply online. It is an easy choice.


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