Different Types of Machine Maintenance strategies

There are different types of maintenance techniques you can use to increase your machines’ efficiency and extend their useful life. The choice of strategy is highly dependent on your budget, usage, and maintenance goals. You also have the option of combining more than one approach to get the best benefits from machine maintenance. Unless you are using your home machines for business as well, then you need not worry about strenuous maintenance strategies. However, let us look at the various types of strategies so you can select one that best suits your needs.

1. Condition-based maintenance

In most cases, machine failure is not caused by time but conditions of machine usage. Many machines often give warning signs when problems are about to occur. Condition-based maintenance focuses on the physical evidence of impending failure that is happening or about to occur.

2. Preventive maintenance

It is the most popular and advised method of proactive maintenance. The goal of this type of machine tool repair is to maintain a certain level of service. It intercepts the vulnerabilities before they occur, giving you the chance to fix problems before they erupt and become more serious. You can characterize this type of maintenance as regular servicing of your machine, just like you take your car to a mechanic every month for a check-up.

3. Corrective maintenance

It is done when a part of the machine or the entire machine breaks down, also known as reactive maintenance. The goal is to restore the machine to its initial condition to enable it to function normally, either by repairing or replacing it entirely. Very little planning is often involved in this kind of maintenance. However, it is advisable to have a list of reliable contractors you can call in the event of a machine failure. The major drawback of this form of maintenance is that it ends up shortening the lifetime of the machine.

4. Predictive maintenance

This kind of machine maintenance is relatively new to the industry of machines and requires investment in technology. Its goal is to predict when a malfunction may occur. It focuses on the condition of the machine, and if any undesirable ones are detected, a maintenance machine repair is scheduled immediately to address the problem. The focus is often on the operational and physical condition of the machine.

5. Periodic maintenance

It is a form of time-based maintenance procedures that need to be undertaken after a certain recommended amount of time. For example, you can arrange for maintenance to be conducted every month or two weeks, depending on the usage of the particular machine in question. It is an overhaul check-up of the entire machine and brings to attention any matter that needs to be addressed by the owner of the machine.

Other forms of maintenance include deferred maintenance, which is often done for low priority machines and total productive maintenance, which includes activities from different types of maintenance. In conclusion, it is essential to seek expert help in machine tool repair, depending on the machine in question. Regular machine maintenance not only helps you to cost cut, improve efficiency, and extend useful life, but it promotes the safety of your machines.

Rylie Holt